• Oh yeah! TV, radio, cellphone, keyboard. I'm kinda clumsy that's why.
  • Yes, this one time I was drinking, and i didn't have pockets, so I had to put my phone in my was like a spagetti strap top so i put it in between my two "girls"....and i was being helpful and filling up my friends dog bowl for her dog...and as soo as i bent down...the phone slipped out...and guess where...yes...the dog bowl filled with water...of all places...the phone died that day.haha
  • no but once an employee of mine dumped a "Thirsty-Two ouncer" from 7-11 on my keyboard. It was filled with COKE and the sticky sugars ruined it.
  • Coming to think of it, no....I've gotten a droplet of water or something, but never spilled a liquid on it. Fortunately... (] :þ
  • I was sick in bed with my laptop and my wife came in with some chicken soup. I ended up accidently pouring the soup all over the keyboard. The guys (my technicians) really roasted me for that one and called me "the chicken soup man" for a couple of months after this. Not even being the boss made that one any easier... LOL :-)
  • a glass of Coke into my stereo, back in 1977. Took it apart and cleaned it as best I could.
  • woow! lets just not do that again!!
  • Yup on my keyboard..needless to say....had to buy another one.
  • I've submerged a few cell phones in glasses of beer and dropped a camera in a lake, but never actually spilled a liquid on to an electronic.
  • yes i have , i droped my first cell phone in a bucket of puke then i droped my last cell phone in my cup of tea. one phone never worked after that and the other did work but tis was not the same.
  • I always drop things in liquid, not so much spilling it on them. The two best times I think were...A) when I was getting this drink out of a cooler and the ice had pretty much melted, so I bent down and my ipod fell in it (STILL WORKED!) and B) when I was talking on the phone and eating Cinnamon Toast Crunch, and I dropped the phone in my cereal. It didn't keep working. But I think I ate the cereal anyway.
  • yes, i dropped my phone in the sink full of water.
  • I spilt a whole glass of orange juice over my computer keyboard at work.......ooooops!
  • Let's see... I once dropped a battery-powered radio in a tub full of water. I left a cell phone out in the rain for 8 hours. I dunked my current cell phone in a half-finished latte in February after receiving a shocking (in a good way) phone call.
  • Yes a glass of juice on the monitor.
  • Spilled an entire liter of water on my keyboard, found out after taking it apart to clean and dry it, there was a waterproof case around the keys that prevented water getting in. (still using the keyboard) Dropped my original gameboy in the sink full of water while it was on... Still works awesome! :P (and yes I still play it :P) Cell phone has been dropped in water, and rained on, fallen out of my pocket onto the street while I was riding my motorcycle in the rain... :P Still works awesome (though its scratched to hell).
  • yes, I dumped my coffee on my lap top, the IT guys couldn't save it, a total loss, that was a Dell Inspiron 7500 I believe.
  • Yes I fried a rather new cell phone and lucky for me I had insurance to replace it. ;-{D~
  • I've washed my pager a few times!! took the back off of it opened it all up on a towel and put a fan on it.. still works great!
  • I spilled a glass of tea on my keyboard and it shorted out, luckily my dad works in IT and he had 4 extra keyboards so I didn't have to stop what I was doing. I also dropped my phone in the doggy swimming pool at the kennel I used to work in.

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