• If I'm not going out of the house, I don't put a bra on. The only reason I wear one in public is to make my boobs look nicer for the gentlemen to enjoy. *laughs* I always wear panties, though.
  • I wear them all the time .. but when I sleep, I prefer to wear panties only.. I believe that wearing a tight bra during sleeping time causes breast cancer
  • If I am at the house, less is best. If I am out in public, I wear both. I think it looks tacky on most women not to wear a bra, there are few that look great without one.
  • all the tome . just feels right . and i would hate to get caught out . horror !!
  • I wear panties as soon as I get out of the shower. Quite ofen, if I am not going out, I may skip the bra -- particularly in the summer.
  • I always wear undies - just feels so uncomfortable and weired without them (unless im showering or somthing of the like). As for a bra... just depends on the outfit/weather. In summer, i'm prob less inclined to wear a bra due to the style of clothing worn in summer.
  • I wear panties at work and when I go out. I also wear a bra at work and in public. I usually wear both at home during the DAY BUT NOT AT NIGHT. If I am interested in some specific guy at work,I will sometimes remove them in the ladies room and try to draw his attention at the right moment. This has gotten me a date with a guy I had a crush on,but usually i am a very respectdul married lady and while in public wear undies all the time.
  • Im always Just Naked
  • When i go to work i wear undies but when i go out i wear boy shorts the lacey ones!!!And when it comes to a bra i wear one all the time except when i sleep!!!(i have DD'S i need to wear a bra!!)
  • To work I wear a bra...any other activities...I rarely wear a bra or panties... I agree some breasts look better with a bra, I have implants and I think it looks fine w/o one.
  • I dont wear a bra much at all but when it come to panties it just depend on how I feel that day. And when I am home I wear niether of them.
  • I'm almost always wearing a bra and panties. Anywhere I go, no matter what else I have on. When I get home everything comes off except my bra and panties.
  • I wear a bra all the time when I go out, but many times NOT when I am at home. It is more comfortable not to wear one. I most times wear panties out, but sometimes not. I often will go w/out panties at home. At home, is about half the time w/panties on, half the time without. A comfort thing again I guess.
  • I wear a bra & panties most of the time when I'm indoors plus skirts or dresses as I'm a 52yr old cross-dresser also I like wearing pantyhose some times I keep the pantyhose on when I go out for a drink
  • I do for my job,but after work it come off. Now as far panties I do unless I feel freaky and I am going out with my husband.
  • Alot of the time during the day, I'm without panties. I've heard that it's healthier to go without whenever possible, but I'm a (natural) 40-DDD and believe me, during the day, these babies NEED to be in their cages!
  • Sometimes on and sometimes off. I'm a Gemini.:)
  • Bra and panties is for work only. At home Im 'free'!
  • Every single day i feel naked without them

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