• Well, I heard that the black spots in the face is usually from squeezing pimples , so what you can do is wash your face with BROWN SUGAR, every twice a day 4 a week, and then TA, DA. .. magic its gone... if the marks are not from pimples then just used raw coca butter.. the 1 that look like butter. ok?
  • Your black spots are called blackheads. to remove them, wash your face with hot water, dry it, and then soon after, on either side of the black spot, apply pressure with your fingers, and stuff should come out of your pores.
  • how do i removeblack sponts on my face & neck it just like Pen dot
  • Just do what...Victorias said to do but i hope it works!!
  • black heads? you use a product I forgot what its called
  • Use White Out
  • You can remove the stuff from inside a blackhead with (a gentle) light handed squeezing.
  • I have the same peroblem....and i have no idea how to treat it...
  • Black heads, first of all boil the kettle and pour the water into a heat resistand bowl or whatever, then get a towl put it over your head and lean over the bowl so the steam can escape (be careful not to burn yourself) the steam opens up your pores. do this for about 10-15 mins. Now once your pours are nice and open squeeze lightly and the dirt inside should come out easily after squeezing spash cold water on your face a few times to close up pores so no further dirt can get in and cause more black heads :) Good Luck <3 x
  • Sandblaster?
  • If they're moles, you can usually just stay out of the sun and they will fade.

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