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  • ok, i'm not a guy, but as long as your still pleasing your wife, masturbate as much as you want! there is no limit to what is normal or not... but if your masturbating is stopping you from having sex with your wife, then its too much. i'm living with my man, (as good as married) and i still masturbate nearly every day me and my partner dont have sex. it may not be normal for every one, but for me it is.
  • whenever you feel the urge then, a party of one is in on momma palm and her 5 daughters....
  • here is my take on it: Whack away. As long as you still take time and energy to satisfy your mate, then go right ahead. There is no better tension reliever out there. here is my ex-girlfriend's take on it: Why would you want to do something yourself, when i can do it for you? She says if she is around, then she gets first dibs. Even if you walk up and ask for a quickie, a BJ or a handjob, she has right of first refusal. She sees it as her job to please her man when she is around. When she is not around, go for it. I asked her if she would feel used and she said she would feel used if you did not ask her first. She wants to be first on her man's mind.
  • My husband whacks it every day, sometimes more than once. We still have sex all the time, so I don't care.
  • Beat off all you want, man. It's nothing to do with your wife. ALL married guys masturbate. How could they not, since they've been doing it for years and years? Don't worry about it.
  • I jerk off almost daily at least one time a day usually but have been know to do it more too
  • 28-31, depending on the month ; )
  • There is no normal. I'm married and I masturbate at least twice during the week and usually twice on Sat. and twice on Sun. Sometimes with the wife watching.

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