• The impromptu one I gave to the truancy officer. Complete with visual aids and method acting!
  • I have never been comfortable with presenting, but I gave a REALLY awesome presentation of my thesis in anthropology my senior year of undergrad. If theses got standing ovations, that one would have. I felt GREAT about it, and my formerly worried professors did, too. It was on memorial stickers on vehicles.
  • Speech for student council. Only 2 months ago that was. And it was the only presentation.
  • This is no speech class in college, we had to give a presentation. So I gave one on bras. Differents sizes and such. So I had a bunch of guys model the bras.........It was a riot and the best presentation I ever gave.
  • For a public speaking class in College I gave a presentation on why gun control is not the solution to solving the violent crime problem in the major cities in the U.S.A. I got the only A+ out of the whole group and the Professor was notorious for being a very tough grader.
  • In English class. A slide show set to the Billy Joel song Scenes from an Italian Restaurant.

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