• Anything that is a challenge to you. To me it would be Tennis.
  • I think it would be horse riding not only do you have to be physically fit you have to be mentally consintrated you have to have balence you have to be perfect you have to be graceful you have to work well with animals you have to be gental yet firm you have to be strong ( mentaly and phyically) so theese are just some of the reasons why horse riding is hard =)
  • The hardest sport to play is Tennis, because the matches could go up to 4 hours and they have to keep going side to side, twisting and turning every minute. It is very hard and tiring, to do that for hours and only taking a short break.
  • If you opt to play competitively at a fairly high level (varsity in high school or college) soccer would be the most challenging sport. This is due to the fact that one must be naturally talented in order to excel. One has to possess skill, speed, cardiovascular and muscular endurance (a very high resistance to getting worn out). Having said this, I realize that soccer or football (as I like to call it due to my intolerance for misnomers created out of ignorance- example: "American" football) is incredibly popular amongst very small children in the US but one must realize that the level of play that corresponds to those age groups is not top class and does not, therefore, offer the challenge which is ever-present in other age groups (the ones which overlap with the particular stage of life of American children in which they quit playing sports or just solely "soccer").
  • hmm, i would say tennis.. it differs for everybody. tennis was a struggle for me. u have to use physical and mental activity.
  • football
  • Horseback Riding you not only have to control what you do but what the horse does. You have to be perfect and everyone always says "You only sit there and the horse does the work" That is the trick we have to make sure nobody sees you stuggle and be graceful when really it is HARD WORK! You get really sweaty you have to know what is going on all the rules and how to handle horses. Also it is prob. most dangerous because i got buck and well i really dont rember but i flew about 12 feet in the air and fracted bones .......MOST DEF. THE HARDEST SPORT
  • MMA. Boxing and kicking at the same time is one of the hardest sports in the world. It necessitates a strong body and flexibility - all of which are fundamental requirements.

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