• Probably none of them, and If you get into a conversation with Bush supporters, sooner or later, the conversation will turn to Lewinsky, again!
  • Just remember, Republicans are proud of this guy! They think he’s the best thing to come to America since sliced pizza. A while ago GOPers were talking about putting his face on Mt. Rushmore. Add to this, there still are Christian leaders who idolize this guy because they believe God picked him to be president. Apparently, God likes to micro manage a few things.
  • Apparently, for some people, George W. Bush still merits unwavering support because he doesn’t get blowjobs in the Oval Office. Oh well!
  • None. They always gravitate to severely flawed 17th century programs like "No Child Left Behind", and think he's wonderful. Eventually, even Bush's most ardent supporters tend to break apart.
  • few, if any. it really blows my mind how these people can keep their views in light of all the damning evidence against them. maybe that study that says conservatism is a mental disorder is true?
  • I doubt that any of them would ever admit any kind of wrong-doing, no matter how blatantly obvious it is to the entire planet!

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