• It whould not cause white spots, however do not use the tanning bed when pregnant. A product like proactive may help lear this up.
  • Not to worry you but maybe someone could clue us all up on vitiligo?
  • You most likely have Tinea Versicolor. It is not a big deal and pretty easy to treat. You will find everything you need on this site...
  • my sister and i experienced the same thing (little white spots) we developed them on our back. the doctor said it was a fungus and sent home some special shampoo. my friend used a danduff shampoo and it helped. i wouldnt worry too much about it.
  • Are they actually "white" = lighter than before? Or did those spots simply fail to get darker?
  • They are called sun spots, they are not anything bad and they will go away. It is from tanning and has nothing to do with your birth control. It happens a lot to people who tan.

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