• Not that I know of.
  • The problem is that you're talking about opera as if it is in the past. There are many new operas being created and performed, and yes, people are listening to them. At our university, we just performed the second regional premiere of Thomas Pasatieri's "The Hotel Casablanca." I can assure those people in the audience not only listened, but enjoyed that very funny opera. As to if people listen to opera from previous centuries, of course. One of my favorite pieces of music to listen to is the first act of Madama Butterfly by Puccini. The way it flows together is just wonderful. Why does music have to have these labels attached to it? Music is music. Should we really continue to feed this "industry" that attempts to shoehorn people into different groups by meaningless tags such as "Country," "Classical," "Rap," "Adult Contemporary," etc? Should this "industry" have the power to decide who gets to be on CDs and who doesn't because of their "marketability?" Think of all of the music people are missing out on because they put themselves in the "Rap" group or the "Country" group. Have you ever thought there might be crossover, even if one or two "Rap" artist weren't to your liking? It's the exact same with opera. So go out there and listen to as much music you can, even if it's not you're "style." You're bound to find something you enjoy.
  • I listen to it on the radio occasionally.
  • Not I, said the little red hen.
  • Aye.. indeed. Dignitaries, nobility and high culture still do.
  • I do. I sing it too.
  • I'm a newcomer to operah. I really like Katherine Jenkins. Is there anyone else you could recommend to me?
  • I do and I sing it too. Nice comtemporary and metal music with western music and voice influence are Nightwish and Lacrimosa.
  • I believe it is actually more popular than it has been for many years.
  • ... not much since Pavorotti died ... and Klingon Opera is now even harder to get ...
  • I listen to the Phantom Of The Opera (2004) soundtrack all the time.

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