• I think when the meat reaches a certain temperature, it causes that thing to pop up...
  • The red plastic insert of the timer is embedded at the bottom in a solid glob of metal (similar to solder). As the turkey heats up, so does that metal. When the turkey reaches the prescribed temperature (185 degrees), the metal becomes completely liquid, and allows the spring-loaded red insert to shoot upwards.
  • Pepe07 is correct as to how it functions from an engineering standpoint, But from a cooking standpoint I contend that it doesn't work. By the time it pops your bird is over cooked. get a real instant read thermometer. 165 F is safe for poultry I usually pull the bird between 160-165 and let it rest covered in foil,it will continue to cook out of the oven, till it hits 165-170 range.
  • The popper is not set in solder it is held down by a heat sensitive glue that will go to gel form at a certain temp and allow the red indicator to pop up. Mr Bill

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