• Simply because they are idiots....
  • As with many things (eg speeding, drug addiction, alcoholism) they believe that it will not happen to them. It always happens to the other guy. And they always know someone who smoked for years and was never sick.
  • Who literally does that?
  • Because I am aware of the risks. I still choose to do so maybe foolishly but it is practically the only vice I have left and despite the fact I am always being told that I get nothing from it I have to disagree. I enjoy it. As I said perhaps foolish but that's my choice. I am fully aware it may probably kill me but I am willing to accept that risk. For now at least. :)
  • Nicotine is more addictive than Heroin, I think most smokers know the dangers and would love to quite it's a lot easier said than done.
  • It's a lot easier to do than you might think.
  • Addiction sucks yo
  • The same reason that people watch someone die (or they nearly die) of a heart attack due to clogged arteries and go out for dinner at McDonald's. The same reason that they can watch someone die in a car wreck and then drive to work. The same reason that can watch someone die from cirrhosis of the liver and still drink alcohol. We all think we can beat the odds.
  • They like to smoke. Many things in life are potentially harmful to us yet people do enjoy them so will keep doing them. Drugs, alcohol, candy and sweets, soft drinks, junk food, lots of meat, chocolate, dairy food, etc.
  • Here is something which might make you look at cigarette smoking differently. Statistics have shown that more smokers are in the 'poverty' socioeconomic level than the wealthy. Take into consideration the areas in which the low income live in and take into consideration the stress factors low income individuals go through and the relationship between personal stress and smoking as a reason why less wealthy persons smoke compared to low income persons. As far as cancer and heart related diseases, also take this into consideration. Smokers, which live in higher stress leveled surroundings, also have a higher amount of cortisol released into their blood system. Cortisol is released when the body is stressed. High levels of cortisol is detrimental and can cause heart problems as well as other problems.. Take the high stress levels, the smoking and the cortisol levels as elements to heart illnesses. Any person can have elevated levels of Cortisol in their body if they are overly stressed and this can lead to heart problems. Now also take this into consideration. People who eat high fatty foods, who enjoy hearty meals after work.. Those foods could be used as 'stress relievers'. A hard day at work can be subdued with a hearty meal.. So you have an unbalanced diet, levels of the stress hormone Cortisol and stress and these persons are also likely candidates for heart troubles. Basically the number 1 factor for heart illnesses could be 'Stress'. We have people who smoke because of stress levels, we have people who eat heavy foods because of stress levels, we have people who don't get out of the house often because of stress levels... And it is within categories such as these in which the numbers of heart problems are within. Stress, Cortisol and personal abilities and lack of abilities all can cause heart problems...
  • Maybe that wasn't the cause of lung cancer. Don't be so presumptuous.
  • 6-10-2017 Just because Obama doubled the tax, that doesn't mean you were always right about hating coffin nails.
  • That was exactly my motivating factor for quitting smoking cigarettes. My mother's cancer started in her breast but it moved to her lungs. I saw her (formerly a very strong woman) coughing up mucus until she was weak and had to go lay down. It's a horrible thing to watch and I would never want to put my children through that. And I can remember her sucking on them cigarettes saying "Ain't nobody ever proved to me that smoking causes cancer." Well it was proved to her. It took her life too.

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