• 13, I was working as a waitress & cook at a resterant close to my house. I would do it to have extra spending money. I've worked off & on through my teenage years & worked steadily for the past 17 years.
  • I was 15 when I got my first job at a grocery store.
  • Well at the age of 13 I worked at a camp and babysat... But officially I think 15/16 because you needed working papers to get a job.
  • When I was about 13 I started hauling hay in the summer and washing dishes at my mom's cafe during the school year. I had chores to do long before that which many would consider work however, feeding livestock, driving a tractor, etc. but hauling hay was the first work I was officially paid for.
  • 12 years old washing dishes at a restaurant.
  • Got my first part-time job when I was was during the two-week Christmas holiday and I got a job working for friends of my parents who owned a dress shop...I spent all day every day in the back making up boxes..all sorts of boxes..small ones, medium-sized ones, big ones..I got to be pretty good at it..boring job, but my first ever paycheck was not boring at all! :)
  • Paperboy at 13. Worked in a pastry shop at 15. Full time worker at 17.
  • Work? My parents saw that I started working around the house as soon as I could stir a pot and dry a dish and rack those leaves and wash that car, clean my room, clean their room...... and it never stops even when you get your own house:-)
  • About 16 when I started, 33 when I stopped.
  • I was babysitting from about the age of 12, and wrote articles for the youth page of the local newspaper at 14, but the first job with a regular paycheck was at 16, car-hop. But not on roller skates.
  • my first "real" job with paychecks and all was when I was 13 years old. I was delivering newspapers.
  • I was 15 years old.
  • At 14, i had a part time job after school every day and all day on a Saturday, then i started working full time when i left school at 16.
  • Worked on weekends and holidays at boarding kennels at 13. Parents wanted me off the streets..$4.00 p/h
  • 14 or 15
  • When I was twelve I was a full-time babysitter for my 1 year old brother during the summer while my mother worked. At 16 I went to work in the cornfields in Iowa detasseling corn. That was the first job I actually got paid for doing.
    • Linda Joy
      I was required along with my sister to clean all common rooms of the house when I was in 2nd grade and she was in 4th grade after school before we could go out and play.
  • i did stuff like babysit when i was in high school
  • Technically, my first job was as a professional singer when my sister gave me a nickel or a quarter (I was too young to know the difference, only that it was a big coin) to sing I'm a little teapot with all the hand motions I learned in preschool.
  • My first real paycheck job was 11, when I worked in a grocery story. But I was working on an Amish construction crew well before that.

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