• Since my sister lived there and enjoyed it, I would have to guess that it's liberal. Another tip-off is that their property taxes recently doubled, so they sold off their condo and built a new home in Georgia that wouldn't soak them dry annually. Big taxes? I think "Democrat/Liberal".
  • Since it's the city in US with the most strip clubs per capita I would say it's liberal, plus it's in FL which is liberal state.
  • Definitely Liberal. We've got the Todd, the Mons Venus, and the Death Metal Capital of the World. If you want conservative, go to St. Pete, across the bay.
  • I live in Tampa. If you get out and meet some of these whackjobs instead of discussing the legacy of Joe Redner or capital trends, you'd realise this town is really conservative, except for the huge gaping pockets of liberal stripper death metal goodness slowly abscessing the traditional, old-timey core of this city!
  • It is a rather liberal city. T-Town has Ybor city and its gazillion clubs and all of its progressive programs so I'm leaning to the left on this one.

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