• I have felt this way before too. After talking with a lot of male friends it's just a normal thing for them. Men are just different than woman. Woman are nutures and sensitive where as men are just plain men, they don't have those those type of feelings or not as strong. My advice would to you if your unhappy is to find somebody else. So, easier said than done but it doesn't get easier in the marriage.
  • i know my bf is the same way....if i get jealous i dont call him until he realizes something is up...
  • He sees you every day. What are you complaining about? I don't even get to see my boyfriend that much.
  • Okay there is a book Five Love Launguages. Do you care about him? If you do get the book the singles version and read it. Maybe his love language is different than yours. Read the book and than communicate with him about what you love language is and ask him what he thinks he is. Make plans one day a week for date night and give him his space and time with friends. If he is interested he will commit to the one night a week date night. Do fun things to like movies, dinner, etc.
  • He is not ready to take on a relationship and is trying to with you. In the process, you are a security for him. He has a girl that sits and waits on him while he enjoys life with the guys and you are unhappy. Time to move on.
  • If you want to spend quality time with him,you could ask him out on a date.
  • Just seeing you everyday is time together..but quality time is talking and just sitting together.
  • He sees you every day already. So probably doesn't feel the need to make extra plans. Why not suggest going somewhere?
  • If he was not interested in you he wouldn't be there everyday. Guys like to hang out too why don't you go hang out with your girlfriends when he does that and also if you're spending time together every day why don't you do something to make that time quality time?

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