• Very. For seven years George Walker Bush has used the language ‘war on terror’ to force through an ideological agenda that undermines our values and does nothing to undermine terrorism. The Bush ‘global war on terror doctrine’ is a political slogan that the president has used to stifle opposition to the biggest uses and worst mistakes of his administration, warrantless spying on Americans, torture and war crimes, etc. -- None of this has made us safer, and all of it has undermined American values and the perception of American values around the world. George Walker Bush's presidency is waning and laming, and it appears headed for colossal historical disgrace -- Barring a cataclysmic event on the order of the terrorist attacks of September 11th, 2001, after which the public might rally around the White House once again, there seems to be little the administration can do to avoid being ranked on the lowest tier of U.S. presidents. And that may be the best-case scenario.
  • Most American people are disillusioned and angry.
  • i have become quite depressed. i don't understand how we have all become so blind to see that we are screwing each-other over and not concentrating on the real enemy.
  • You know how people generally mourn presidential deaths? I'm wishing, No begging, No PRAYING (and im an atheist) for this bastard to die and to take Cheney with him.
  • I've become more disillusioned with the people of America, who more quickly clamor for the impeachment and removal of someone who has committed adultery before they'd raise a finger over corruption of office.
  • Very. But not as much as when Clinton was ruining the nation.
  • I'm pretty disillusioned in general, ya know?
  • Freedom only means the freedom to buy and to sell to this guy. Average intelligence. Somewhat of a bully. Sincere. Proven to have dangerous power. The country will survive but we shouldn't have let fratboy rub poop on us.
  • Extremely, my husband and I have decided that when we travel outside the US we are going to claim to be Canadians.
  • And the media. If illusions are bad, then disillusionment is good.
  • I have lost all faith in the US government. This happened before Bush. I am just as upset with the American people for laying on their asses and taking it. The people will protest the raising ATM fee's by 50 cents, yet allow a government to run over them without a single person in the streets. We had better change quickly. It is almost to late.
  • Fairly disillusioned with American politics but it has little to do with Bush. It has more to do with extremism on both sides of the aisle. Clinton was worse than Bush and I don't wholly blame him for this either. Lobbyists, special interest groups, and corruption have more to do with it than the person in the oval office in my opinion. Apathy amongst the majority of the population is a major factor and disgusting as well.
  • I'm not disappointed with any individual. I'm more disappointed with a democratic nation that seems to have forgotten that there are consequences for the choices it makes.
  • all time low
  • not nearly as dissillusioned with values and integrity as when CLinton was in office. I don't think there was a president with any lower standard of decency or integrity as Clinton, Democrat or Republican. CLinton disgraced the office with his actions, and I'm not even commenting on his policies, those issues can be debated, but on how he handled the stature of being president and acting like a sex crazed college student was embarrassing for Americans.

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