• Possibly. Like anyone else, cops are people too. If you were really, honestly, speeding in order to make it to a toilet, it is possible that an officer would give you a break --no pun intended-- so long as you weren't being completely reckless. However, it doesn't mean that he/she has to. Laws are laws, and if you failed to budget your time more efficiently, or get off at that last exit, (or soil your drawers for that matter) that's technically your problem, not the officer's. Worst case scenario for Men: Practice your aim and keep an empty soda bottle in the car...Ladies: Carry a roll of TP in the car and only drive four-door sedans. Then if you really have to go, you can pull over, open both passenger-side doors and squat in between them for privacy!
  • Common sense prevails here from the officer. every excuse in the world has been offered to avoid a traffic citation. one woman told me she was speeding, because her dog was having puppies. what? anyway, i make a judgement call based on what i see. if a persons face is turning yellow, because of a full bladder, off they go. it depends also on the nature of the violation.
  • I've known of this going both ways - having read up on it and knowing a few cops. If speeding was it - then yes just saying it would probably work - going in your pants will be even better. I would suggest going before they reach your window at all. Then its obvioius you actually were distracted. If your drunk - then no it won't work. They may keep you walking the line before letting you in the cop car though. There is one case where a women pissed herself in the back of the cop car and then they pressed vandalism charges against her also. Basically soiling yourself does not stop them from arresting you.
  • I've always wondered the same thing, When I'm driving home I always seem to have to go #2 really bad, and I end up having to speed..and If I were to get pulled over I would have him follow me to my house to go potty then he could give me a ticket! I'd have him look in the toilet to see that I had to take a dump!
  • In my experience I have heard it all. The chances of myself or another officer letting someone go because they "Said they had to go to the toilet" is at a ZERO. Ive heard it all, and 99.9 percent of it is crap.
  • It is your responsibility to go when you need to go. You should have gone back at the restaurant. Did you know that it is against the law to leave your vehicle on the highway, for the excuse that you ran out of gasoline? The same rule applies are responsible for maintaining your car!
  • speeding is speeding, you could hurt someone like that, go to the bathrm before you get in the car

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