• I would do and call whoever I could to aid a fellow human being regardless what their social status is.
  • Obviosuly id call for help,no matter who it was,isnt that imaterial?
  • Of course I would help. How could I not?
  • i would help do my best
  • of course i would help! but this poses the question - how will the homeless pay for the ambulance?
  • I would help them
  • If he didn't have proof of residency like a utility bill in his name fu*k him. Bum!
  • only if he was white.
  • Help him, he's in need.
  • Of course I'll help.
  • I'd give him a blood transfusion if I could. Selfless acts are what make this world a better place.
  • Id do everything I could to help, including calling for help/emergency services
  • I would definetely try to help them. Now, if it were my mother in law that'd be a whole different story
  • i'd be heartless if i didn't!
  • Call 9ii, or the Emergency No. in your country
  • I would do whatever I could to help any human being in need, in any situation where I could be helpful to them.
  • of course i would help them....i'd feel bad if i didn't do anything and it's wrong to just leave someone dying or something and not try to help them
  • Anyone with a conscious would at least call the ambulance. Just because they are homeless doesn't mean they are worthless, that same person could have fought for you in a World War.
  • wow everyones so nice...but what if it were a drunken homeless guy smelled like pure a$$ and collapsed in front of you would you think its just that he passed out cause he's such a drunk or think its something medical?.... and i'll call an ambulance...i'd hate to know i coulda helped someone and i didnt and coulda caused their death
  • Call the state police, when they request an ambulance, the state will pay for the medical attention. At least he will get some help. That's in PA anyway.
  • YES I WOULD!!! AND DID Yesterday at 2:45 in Spokane, WA's Northside I was on the way back from getting a few things that my grandmother need. I took a secondary road but being New Year's Eve it was still busy. I saw an elderly guy who had fellen in the intersection and got hurt. I saw at least 20 cars just drive right around him and that was before I could get there. I went against the flow of traffic to get there. I couldnt believe how many people just drove around him. NO ONE called 911 other than me. and a few people yelled at me to just get him out of the road. I couldnt believe it. He was bleeding from his wrist and had probably a broken hip and did have a broken leg and wrist and probably had a concusion. So there was a good chance there was no way that this guy should have been moved and need help badly. The people here just care about themselve and not about anyone else. Lesson: Dont get hurt in Spokane because you are going to be on your own. And perheps as much as some people would like to think they would help they wouldn't
  • I would deff call an ambulence. Homless or not, there still a person. Sometimes I do see alot of homless people lying on the street, and wonder if there dead or just sleeping, sometimes I debate in my head if I should see if there alright, but it's a hard thing to do. If I know they are hurt though, I would for sure help them.
  • I most certainly would call for help...
  • absolutely, I could never leave anyone. I would also pull over if I see someone needed help OR is injured..It not about being a hero, it's about saving lives.
  • This happened to my running partner and I very early in the morning. There was no one around. I stayed with the gentleman (he had passed out, split his head opened, blood everywhere) and my partner ran to a restaurant that was getting ready to open. In that moment you have to decide the value of life....ANYONE'S LIFE. I was nervous about the blood, and just knelt down and spoke to comfort the man. We NEVER could have left him, although it would have been easy enough to do. I try to live by this creed....."There, but, for the grace of God, go I."
  • I would call for help. A person is a person, no matter if they have a "home" or not.
  • I would do whatever I could, just as I would for anyone else. I probably wouldnt even notice they were homeless until after the fact, but it wouldnt matter either way, its a human being in need of help.
  • I help them every bit as much as I'd help my own children.
  • Since I am cpr certified my dads a firefighter and my girlfriends parents are volunteer ems.. i probably wouldnt be able to live with myself if i didnt help and they died
  • Help him/her in the best way I can, by getting the person to the hospital as soon as possible. I wouldn't leave them lying on the ground. I wouldn't even do that with a dog or cat or any other animal larger than a beetle.
  • I'd call 911 and provide first aid! Why would anyone NOT?
    • Linda Joy
      Well what goes around tends to come around.
  • I'd call 911 if I had my phone with me, or of not get the attention of others who had theirs and get help......would NOT leave them just lying there!!!!
  • i cant lift them but i would get them help, ive gotten help for people that have fallen before when i couldnt lift them
  • i would call for help, just cause theyre homeless dont make them any less human
  • I would make a Dominatrix video by trampling him with my stiletto boots. ;)

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