• I am not a dog expert but dogs dont chew and digest their food properly but wolf it down,and the nuts have blocked the stomach or intestine.
  • Pistachio nuts naturally contain aflatoxin, a fungal Aspergillus strain. It causes liver degeneration/failure/cancer and possibly liver necrosis (the fastest liver route to death). Humans are the only known mammals to have a high tolerance to it. Other mammals like dogs and cats are ravaged by it. Also, pistachio nuts that are imported are often treated with horrific acaricides like strychnine and organophosphates. California-grown pistachios should not have this problem.
  • Pistachios contain high amounts of phosphorus which can cause bladder stones in dogs. The pistachios may also contain poisonous aflatoxin (which is a fungus or mold)Low levels are safe for human consumption but dogs are more sensitive and is extremely poisonous to them.
  • The ASPCA offers this web page on a wide number of in the home toxins for our companion Animals...Pistachios are mentioned almost all the way down at the end of the piece... There were rather a few things here...I much confess...I had not given thought to at all... It's good to be AWARE!
  • How do you explain the advice given at Wikihow, which says that Pistachios are good for skin problems?'s-Skin-and-Scratching-Problems My dog just ate about a dozen pistachio nuts (nuts and shells) and my wife now thinks he's going to die. Is he?
  • Regarding that ASPCA page - it was referring to a dog having ingested nuts from a mixture in an overturned bowl, and the toxicity was due to the MACADAMIA nuts. A *reliable* source of food toxicity for dogs (in other words, posted by a veterinarian) is "Home-Human Foods that Poison Pets", at the following link: Note that, on the above webpage, pistachios are not even mentioned.

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