• very real,somethings are true wether you believe it or not.
    • Venus1485
      Not real. Most things re false no matter if you believe otherwise.
  • They are a fig newton of your imagination...
  • I don't believe in ghosts per-say, I do believe in spirits, and they cannot harm you.
  • IDK...
  • I believe they are real. I never used to til alot of unexplained things kept happening to me for a couple of years now.
  • Ghosts are a wierd thing, because the only proof you can ever get of them is either a photo, or a witness to strange activities. I personally believe in ghosts, and think that there are definitely spirits beyond the physical realm out there.
  • I believe they are real. I'm an educated person, and I don't have an overactive imagination. I was giving my 2 daughters a bath and my back was toward the door. As I was washing one of my girl's hair a hand grabbed my shoulder and I screamed. I thought my husband had snuck up on me. When I turned to yell at him there was nothing there. My kids were completely stunned because they didn't know why I had screamed. My husband came running up the stairs and asked me what happened. I told him and he frowned and walked back down the stairs. About 10 minutes later my mother called and said my grandmother had died 10 minutes ago.
  • I personally don't believe in them as there is no substantial evidence. Not that I am saying the anecdotes of people are false merely that I cannot verify them. They take place in uncontrolled situations. The best I could say is I am agnostic, I can't prove they don't exist but neither do I see any evidence that has been repeated in a controlled environment for them. If I don't have evidence then I can't believe in something. There are usually alternative explanations which don't make the stories false but makes it difficult to accept as definitive evidence. That is why you need controlled situations, to eliminate the alternative explanations entirely.
  • many will say yes and many will say no, I think if you never experienced one you may never believe. For me I have so i believe. I have seen many who didnt believe change but i never seen a believer change.
    • Venus1485
      There's no evidence that anyone has ever experienced one.
  • ghosts are memorys of a person printed onto the earth a spirit is is the soul of a dead person, and yes both are real and if anybody ever wishes to see one they must stop saying to themselfs its only my imagination
  • They aren't real.
  • The experiences people have are real but they are not dealing with ghosts. The un-natural force in these cases is demons. They love to pretend to be departed humans. For humans after this life is the judgement not inhabiting abandoned houses or following living people around trying to communicate with them.
  • Depends on how you adjust the TV antenna.
  • There has never been any evidence that scientists accept in favor of the existence of ghosts. People who believe in them tend to try to make their wishes come true by imagining they see ghosts. One of my ex-boyfriends told me that some of his relatives claimed to see ghosts. He often discovered what they actually saw, e.g. a car light forming a pattern of a ghost on stained wallpaper, a horse with a sheet on its back, a large white hog, a sheet draped over a road sign by pranksters, etc. Ghosts are wrongly-identified normal things, hallucinations or hoaxes. When someone awakens suddenly a dream image can persist for a moment and make a person believe he saw a ghost.
  • they might be real, i just never saw one
  • Nobody really knows for sure. There is no proof. So your choice in what you want to believe until there is. Same thing with God.
  • There's no logical reason to think ghosts are real. People imagine they see all sorts of things.
  • i think they might be real, i just never seen one
  • They're just overactive imagination, since they're not real.
  • i think theyre real, ive just never seen one

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