• I know a simple thing: Good directors don`t go to cinema school, they go to the movies, they watch photography, listen a lot of music, interact with all kinds of people, and the techniques they develop come from personal experimentation,its what some call a "vision", like the trademark of a product you have to fill your work of you. Anyway if you want cultural background you can go to the new york film school, but i repeat, if you want to make commercials or dumb hollywood movies only.If you are a talented person and think of sharing some of that with the world, watch a lot of cinema, from the lumiere bros to David Lynch, take the camera you can afford and start right now.
  • the college of hard knocks. study how steven speilberg (or virtually anyone else) got started. but you've got to be willing to accept that the time you spend in college is time you haven't spent on the set (find a "c" level director and offer to be his driver for free). and if you fail that's 5/10/whatever years of your life that you're going to have to backfill on. that doesn't mean that the business can't be learned/taught in an academic setting. USC and UCLA are the obvious choices.
  • I've heard columbia university is in new york is?
  • USC maybe
  • Ive heard USC is good, and Wright State University in Dayton, Ohio

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