• We're not satisfied with what we have or don't have.
    • Crazychick
      I'm married and I'm perfectly satisfied with it.
  • I call it the "grass is greener syndrome". Have you heard the phrase "The grass always seems greener on the other side"? When you're single you miss having someone constantly in your life. When you're married sometimes you wish you could go out and have exciting one night stands, and go out and party and not have a mortgage and 2 kids. It happens to everyone.
  • Some single people want stability and some married people want freedom with no strings attached, I guess..
  • Get to root of why you're jealous. If you're single and you're jealous of married people or couples in general, ask yourself "Why?" Is it that you think a partner would validate your worth? If so then seek that validation from yourself first. Learn to love and value yourself independently from anything else. Everything will fall into place. If you don't know yourself and love yourself than being with someone may not be the best thing right now. The last thing you want is to have your identity entangled with someone else. Know yourself first and then seek the love you need.
  • I'm not jealous of anyone... I think those that are are just unsatisfied with their own lives...
  • Because everyone wants what they don't have.
  • I've been married almost seven years and I'm not jealous of single people.
  • Most are not. Where did you get that idea from?
  • as many on this thread already said. WE ALWAYS WANT SOMETHING WE DONT HAVE. Both find great benefits of being single and single people having someone like a married couple.
  • I think it's true. Single people see the stability of married people's lives and want that. Married people recognize the freedoms they sacrificed and sometimes wish to have that back. Just human nature.
  • I'm single and I'm not even remotely jealous of married people. I consider myself very lucky to have avoided marriage, so why should I be jealous of people who are?

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