• In several ways YES!!! But at the same time, their hands are tied to truly fix problems. It is a sad situation. Are you a parent or a teacher??
  • In many cases yes, and failing misserably. F-F-F-F-F Bad report card.
  • no,at least not in kuwait! the teachers here are horrible!
  • I think they have taken so much away from teachers that it is very difficult to say what they are. They used to say that teachers were 'in loco parentis' now they are no longer allowed to discipline or even verbally attempt to disciplinne the children in their care. This makes it very difficult to teach . So many parents are so lax that I think they do expect teachers to act as guardians without the respect or rules to help them
  • yeah, they don't have any rights, can't lay a hand on kids, and have no respect. sure they are....LOL
  • its what many parents want,then everything thats 'wrong'w/the kids will be someone else's fault...lots of parents would love year round school .(free sitting service) some parents are guilty of "as long as the kids are not interrupting me all day i dont care what they are doing" until the kid gets into trouble then its "my kid wouldn't do that"....
  • Not any more.

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