• I've never heard of that , though most places add on a small charge anyway
  • I never have. Only when I get a delivery.
  • Unless you usually tip chefs, I would think not. Tips are for good service of waiters, they don't do anything when you takeout.
  • always!!
  • yes, but just a small tip.
  • Takeout? No, I never saw the point (it's like tipping the chef).
  • Yes, not as much as delivery or served food, but I like to spread the karma, even though I don't really believe in karma. Nevermind
  • Yes, a few bucks. I probably wouldn't if I didn't work in the restaurant business. I know what its like to deal with those customers who have no idea what they want, or instead of knowing what they want to order before they call, they call then ask everyone in their house what they want, while you are standing there waiting to put the order in and there are 10 people lined up at the cash register impatiently waiting for you to get off the phone and take care of them...Even if I'm not that troublesome caller, I know that the person at the counter has dealt with atleast a few already that evening.
  • Sometimes. I rather stuff a couple of bucks in a tip jar, if they have one displayed. Who would get the tip anyhow? The register operator? That doesn't seem fair to the people that prepared your order.
  • I actually don't order takeout very often, but the times that I have in the past I have never tipped. I only tip servers and deliverers.
  • Absolutely. If it's normally a sit-down restaurant, I tip 15-20% just like I normally would. The person taking my order, making sure everything is right, packing up my food, and getting all the little condiments and whatnot is making minimum wage or less in most places. Also, they are much busier than most servers as there is no limit to how many orders they can be running around taking care of at once. Don't be so freakin cheap people! Give a kid a couple of bucks for packing up your food nice and right for you with all your picky modifications!!! *My exception here is dedicated carry-out places. Although most of those places don't pay their employees too well, they are making over the minimum wage. The tip jar is actually usually just a way to garner some more cash.
  • Thank you I usually tip my waitress/waiter as well.
  • yeah always ...they make crap wages so every little bit helps

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