• Likely because a lot of what the US does affects other countries. So things like war, or its economy, or who the US trades with, affects a bunch of other people. But when someone is completely involved with the actions of the US and they aren't from the country, it seems like bashing. I'm not even from the US, so for me most opinions I have about the US politics I keep to myself.
  • I find it most disturbing and perplexing when I have heard people from other countries put down Amwerica at the same time they are also trying to lay down roots here by getting employement and moving here. Why would someone want to move to a place that is so unlike what they had elsewhere? It is like they want the money and the freedom, but still feel they have a right to complain. I think those are very hypocritical actions. Thanks, King.
  • I have been in Amerika for my whole life. I never met these people you are talking about. As far as I can remember this country still encourages freedom of speech. If someone has an opinion, let's hear it. Maybe they actually have something to say?
  • As has been mentioned before, the actions of the US are felt worldwide, so everyone has a stake in our actions. I wouldn't say non-americans have a liberal AGENDA, but it does seem that they have a more liberal viewpoint. I think that is because, depending on how you measure it, the US is to the right of most of the developed world.
  • the reason we having something to say or pass comments about what goes on in the U.S. is because #1 it effects what the rest of the world does and #2 because of some of the statements made about how the U.S. is the greatest thing since sliced bread and can't do no wrong/its never wrong.
  • Well it is easy really. The US like britian involves it self so much around the world that criticism is something it will have to deal with. If you cannot handle the heat get out of the kitchen is a saying that come to mind.
  • Usually I am not interested what foreigners think or mean about my country and as I avoid contact to foreigners I do not have that problem. I am not interested in their opinion. And if I have to have contact with foreigners I reduce the topic on small-talk like the weather. I think politics should never be a topic between foreigners.
  • As everyone else has said it's because the US has a direct impact on almost every country on the planet. Therefore almost everyone on the planet has a right to comment on the US. I think your question about a 'Liberal Agenda' goes a long way to answering your second query. In comparison to the rest of the world (& by that I really mean Europe) the US seems ultra-conservative. What many in the US would seem to describe as a liberal agenda, to us is just 'the way it's done'.
  • May be that Americans feel this like. I only can talk about the situation in Germany. Almost nobody is even interested in the inner affiars of the USA. So you see very little in TV and in the papers you won't read much. Also about American policy you do not read and see much. Only if Obama is coming you read and see more but the American politics is almost not at all commented and only a very small minority is really interested waht happens in America. There are about 5.000 miles between the countries. And most people are focussed on things that happen to them in Germany so I would say that very few people have any opinion about America. They just know too few. And even the German government does not comment American politics because we are a small country and it is not our job to give advice to other countries. I would say not even 3% of the daily news have a connection to the USA. So why should say anybody here in Germany anything about politics. And I would say the situation in France or Italy is even worse in regard of informations. I would say there is little interest.

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