• I think for most recipes you could half the ingredients unless you are at high altitude. Pie recipes however are usually made to fill up an 8-9" pie dish so you wouldn't have to cut it in half. If you wanted smaller ones you could try to find tart recipes and get little tart shells. You could freeze the pastry shells for later use and just take them out and bake them as needed. Cakes are usually done on two layers using two pans so you wouldn't need to change the baking time on them. If you made them smaller, just use the old toothpick poked in the center to tell when done. They should also shrink a little from the sides. This doesn't work for creamy things like cheesecakes, however, as they are rules unto themselves.
  • You don't! Make a whole cake/pie and save the leftovers, or invite more people over!
  • I do that all the time so long as the recipe will cut in half evenly. I use a small corning ware casserole as my baking tin. It does shorten the cooking time. The first time I did it I just kept checking to see if it was done and noted it on the recipe and what I used to bake it in. It works out great for someone on their own. Cuz if I made a normal cake I'd be sick and tired of it before it was gone and I don't always want to freeze it. Besides then I can bake it in my toaster oven which I like.

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