• The beginnings of the Chinese calendar can be traced back to the 14th century B.C.E. Legend has it that the Emperor Huangdi invented the calendar in 2637 B.C.E.
  • KiahTse (spelling, Book Of Calendars)/JiaZi has a Genesis answer. It was created in 2029 BC on July 19 (Noahs 9-27-945 in 360-day calendar =6x60) to Sep 17 (11-27); and accepted in 2020 BC on Feb 2 (Noahs 5-27-954) as the 40th day of a seance after Noahs Dec 24 death as the worlds Christ (just as Noahs 3-27-600 had ended 40 days of Flood in 2369 BC on Jan 6, it too /both with an Aquarius Venus rise). The 10-day cycle always existed in the 360-day calendar; the 12-day cycle added to 10-day cycle in 2029 BC is what made 60 days to contrast/compare the new 365-day calendar every 12 years (orbit of Jupiter), and 24 years of Venus (3x 8 years). 12x365 days is 60 days more than 12x 360 days. With the 365-day calendar created in Egypt in 2030 BC on Epagum (July 12) new moon & the sothic new year Pamenot 1 (July 17), China introduced the 12-day cycle when they accepted this calendar the next year 2029 BC on Pamenot 1 as being year 1-01-341(July 16, Noahs 9-24-944) and then honored Noahs date 9-27-944 (July 19) as day Jia Zi as sothic Leo Venus rise, 180 days opposite the Floods Aquarius Venus rise. By seeing that Jia is day 7 of 10, it makes it easy to see that day Wu (woo) means one or uno. In fact because Nu is Noah, it is easy to see our number one as meaning of Nu, or of Rest, or of Noah, though likely this word existed before Noah. Hindu call Nu by the name Manu (Man-Nu) while Egypt calls Narmer (Narmer-rod /Nimrod) by the same name Menu /Mena /Mene /Menes. This began their new world (people were dying at 240 instead of alive as Noah at 940; cause = C14 in DNA). In 2029 BC this (July 19) 9-27 is noted as 180 days (3x60) from 3-27(Jan 21). In 2020 BC Feb 2 as 5-27 is noted as 60 days after 3-27 (Dec 4) thus firmly establishing the Day calendar. The date of 2020 BC Feb 2 (5-27) however became moved in 1437 BC Feb 2 to 2637 BC Feb 2 (5-27) as Noahs death (11-27) being 1200 years to then make 2400 years as the new era in 237 BC Feb 2 when again Feb 2 is 5-27. And this death (350 years after Flood) was declared as only 316 years after the Flood 2953 BC whose 2952 BC Jan 6 falls on 9-27 (the date from 2029 BC July 19). Japans Flood 3060 BC Feb 2 is 3-27 to era 660 BC Feb 2 as also 3-27.
    • Schiller Rick
      The name Huang Di or Hwang Di or Huuang Di is in the Bible Genesis as Harran Day the son of Terah. Harran & Harrang or the same. And Harrang and Hawwang are the same. The name Di or Day means sun or god risen to heaven. The 12- year calendar of 2207bc became 60-year in 2148bc (59 years are 60 of 360-day). This 2148bc was the birth of Terah which gets shifted to 2127bc by insisting that Haran is a 39-year Mars (Marduk) and that he is not the firstborn when Terah is 70, and claiming the proof is that Serug the Kiag or Kiang (King) of NaNa was given kingship by becoming grandpa to Terah (via Nahor). Or in Latin the Great Father of the Earth. It is Terah who converts 360-day of 60 years to 365-day and this is proven by the fact that it is 60 years from Harran to Abram when Terah was 70 and 130. Harran can be proven a suicide at age 49/50th in 2029bc honored by Egyptian Christmas date Kayak 25 on May 6. Thus means that he did not live 60 years to his brother birth to complete the converted calendar. It thus ha to be presumed his father Terah did this from Harran's death until Abram was born. The proof is now in Shelah's age where his being age 255 when harran is born (in year 292) to 315 when Abram is born (in year 352) is claimed in Chinese as the end of NuWa's Flood in 2952bc to the years 2697bc and 2937bc which are 1200 years before the true foundation of Xia (Hsia) China from 1497-1437bc.
  • The Jia year is year 7 and it became year 1. The Zi is Rat and that started in 1437bc because the 365-day calendar 12-year cycle was Monkey when it was created in 2029bc. The 12 years of 360-day began in 2207bc at Ur. It is the lunar-solar 1497bc to 1437bc calendar that claims the calendar is 1200 years old back to 2697-2637bc. But it was Reu of Ur who started the 12-year cycle with Monkey year at age 6 encouraged by Shiloh (Shelah /Salah at 100) in 2233bc. They established Virgo as the Monkey in 2231bc (age 8) and thus created the full cycle as 2219-2207bc when at 32 his father Peleg made him ruler of Ur. And the Monkey cycle of Virgo began. This seasonal Zone drifts forward into Leo where since 237bc it has equated Leo with Monkey despite not having a tail of stars as Virgo does

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