• Yeah, I'd say so. I'd say her manners are also pretty screwed up.
  • no.he will see your husband next week.
  • Hard to judge really - and in the overall scheme of things not something to lose sleep over. Be the potentially bigger Christian, give the lady the benefit of the doubt and next sunday ask how the kiddo's game went. We all have our off-days : )
  • It was a display of bad manners and disrespect.
  • Funny how people can be rude right after coming from a place of worship.
  • Yeah. I guess. I mean "pulling" someone away isn't ethical at first place. Its fair enough that she didn't want to be late to the soccer game but she should have excused herself properly
  • I have two things to say to this. First of all, if the boy had an obligation to be at a game, then it is not very considerate of the man to make his grandson late by stopping to have a conversation. His team is counting on him to be there on time and ready to play. Second point, being a rather devoutly religious person myself, I don't think that it is appropriate to engage in sporting events on the sabbath. So, I would not be involved in such things personally and would encourage my children and grandchildren (if I had any) to not engage in such activities on the sabbath either. That written, I also recognize the fact that deciding what is appropriate behavior on the sabbath is between the individual on God. However, I would also encourage those that do follow a religion to consider if their choices of activities on the sabbath are in keeping with the commandment to keep that day holy.

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