• it involves a number of 286 IBM jrs, a handful of Apple ]['s and VIC20's, and a sex act popular in the late 70's - usually performed around a swimming pool..
  • It's a term that refers to networking. Token Ring Networking is a daisy chain. All data goes from machine to machine along the chain looking to see if it belongs at that address. when it does, it goes there. If not it moves tot he next link in the chain. This is a very basic explaination. Look it up if this is for a test.
  • It was originally a term used in hooking up SCSI (small computer system interface) devices. The SCSI interface allows as many as 15 separate devices (such as SCSI hard drives, printers, scanners etc)plus the controller card to be hooked up with each other in a chain, ie. a single cable coming from the SCSI controller card can go to device number one, then a cable from that device to device #2 and so on. It allowed the use of more storage devices on a PC because you weren't limited to the maximum of four that you have with an on board IDE controller.
  • A daisy chain is a series of connections that lead from one device to the next much like connecting several power strips end-to-end. There is usually a limit to the number of devices that may be connected in one chain, after which another device such as a repeater or switch must be used to enable additional connections.

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