• I believe in the old saying, "That which doesn't kill you, serves only to make you stronger". I believe that describes my situation.
  • Both. :-) I have had a relatively easy life so far though.
  • I believe they have made me emotionally, mentally and spiritually stronger, physically weaker, though.
  • I can pretty much anticipate anything, now. The body has suffered, though, and won't be with me much longer. Parts are already starting to fall off or not work. I put it through some hard times.
  • Stronger...but only because I chose to grow stronger thru them. When I became a single daddy in '99, the things I faced would make a weaker person crumble, but I decided that I was gonna come out of it with a shine, I grabbed my bootstraps and and yanked myself into a world of positive outcomes and never looked back. Now, 8 yrs later, I see the man I am today and I am thankful for each and every trial. VGQ+ -Buddy
  • I give it a 50/50 split. I feel both damaged and stronger.
  • It made me who I am today, confident and level headed...
  • Damaged for sooo many years but now I am wiser and stronger.
  • I'm pretty much damaged goods from all of life's tribulations and I'm trying to climb out of this pit I dug for myself.
  • Both. This guy that I'm starting to see said he's never met a more untrusting person than me but I think that's a good quality. I told him I won't trust him until he gives me reason to
  • I think they have made me stronger, however I am not going to deny that they have caused some damage. I think I have gotten somewhat over those ones.
  • A little bit of both. You feel like you don't want to have that again in your life, then you get a bit hesitant going into something. Your afraid your going to make a decision that will get you at the lowest point but, you tried just about anything to get yourself out of there. Thats when you feel like its affected you which makes you a bit damaged. The effect you make for the situation is how you are stronger. -Words to live by!
  • Damaged. Certain things in life made me constantly think about them to the point where I have to actively tell my mind not to relay them to my mouth so I don't annoy people to death by droning on and on about the same thing. (I guess stronger in the sense of I think more before I speak). That and the fact that I don't sleep very well anymore and I am always tired and not as social.
  • I'm sure a bit of both.

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