• i don't see what churches have against homosexuality, they have nothing wrong with condoms
  • sexual preference shouldn't matter,why not catholics do it with their priests.
  • yes they should and would do well to remember that without gay ministers there would nobody left to run their churches.
  • Not Christian churches, no.
  • No, because the Bible gives clear instructions on who should lead a congregation: 1Here is a trustworthy saying: If anyone sets his heart on being an overseer, he desires a noble task. 2Now the overseer must be above reproach, the husband of but one wife... 12A deacon must be the husband of but one wife and must manage his children and his household well. Clearly, church *leaders* should be heterosexual males. (I am not saying anything about the role of females here. That is another question) You cannot just throw that out without sliding down a path that leads to the abandoning of other central teachings of Christianity, which is precisely what happens in liberal congregations that embrace homosexuality as a norm. Nor am I saying that all homosexuals should be excluded from congregations. Not so. Sin is sin. We all struggle with our own, and it is with Christ's help that we overcome what is wrong, whether it be stealing, or adultery or, I am sorry to say Homosexuality. If you don't like that teaching, then you are free to start your own congregation or find a religious teaching that suits you. But God is God and His teachings are clear in this area. If you want to be a member of the Republican Party, but don't believe in its teachings, then join the Democrats, but don't hold Democrat views while claiming to be a Republican.
  • SHOULD they..yes. WILL THEY? No. Because it's against their "religion".
  • Yes of course. They already do, just at the moment it has to be in a hypocritical manner. What has a persons sexual orientation got to do with them being able to love and preach about God.
  • I don't understand the problem with homosexuals. For that matter I don't understand the church's historical uneasyness or supression of any and all sexual expression unless its for reproduction..... Know Thyself
  • No I would think they wouldn't want to.
  • Sure. Better than what they have now.
  • No, because the Holy Scriptures condemn homosexual behaviour. Thank you and may God bless you. :) -In Jesus' Name.
  • denominations do, but I KNOW Christs "church", HIS body, doesn't.... "church" of CHRIST is not a building or denomination, it is Christ, and HE has ONE BODY and HE is the HEAD.... baptized into Christ not a denomination or building.. only Jesus can "JOIN" you and only Jesus can "UNJOIN" other and especially MAN
  • Why not, the Catholics have a head start.
  • Yes, someones faith does not depend on their sexuality, which they can't control.
  • my personal thoughts are why not-my answer is- it is the churches decision as the belief is a personal one and not subject to my beliefs if your church does or doesnt and you disagree go to another one----just my thoughts-smile and enjoy the day
  • Catholics ordain pedophiles...I don't see how being gay is a hold up.
  • Makes no never-mind to me -- if all humans, by definition, are fallible and fall short in the eyes of god, it's just bigotry to say that one person's type of sins disqualify him from ministering but another guy's sins are OK...
  • I don't think the churches are against gay people, because if they were they would be no prist...
  • Why not?
  • Personally I think they can choose to do whatever they want within their own ranks - provided they are not actively bringing harm to their members. I don't have to agree or support their decisions in any way.
  • As long as they are preaching and not teaching and not bothering little boy's ,Power to them.
  • I believe that people should be treated equally and fairly regardless of sexual orientation, so I think that, from an ethical standpoint, they should. On the other hand, they have the full right to make that decision within their own congregation. From a practical standpoint, they ordain gay ministers all the time. They have absolutely no problem with it so long as the ministers pretend to not be gay. Look at Ted Haggard.
  • I hope i don't get,like, jeered for this or something but... I believe that homosexuality is a sin. And i also believe that people who are openly active in their sins are not necessarily fit to lead others to the path o f righteousness. I've got nothing against gay people but to me it would be sort of like letting a fornicator lead the church...
  • well if they didn't already, their staff levels would be very thin upon the ground.
  • Yes, because they are rarely, if ever pedophiles, for one reason. Other than that, I can't see why not
  • Remember the Bible was directed to a bunch of tent dwelling goat herders living between about 870 BCE and 150 CE (well by then they moved from tents to mud brick homes) And there was no explanation of science. In fact the Greek and Roman churches dominated till about 1450 when all hell broke loose King Henry VIII spun off because he couldn't get a divorce and created his own religion. The Age of Enlightenment, Reasoning and Science came about and challenged the contents of the Bible. Hundreds of new Christian religions evolved. Religion is not fact. The Bible is not fact. What holds any religions together is that people believe in it. Converting people to religion has run out of steam. People tend to rely on scientific facts and true history and not religious texts. By the way people, muslims often regard Christians as cannibals due to communion. Christians regarded Jews as pagans because they still sacrificed animals and I suppose the Abraham - Issac incident made them accuse Jews of human sacrifices. Darn spelling correction. Wants me to capitalize muslim. I know muslims well enough to respect that as offensive. God and the Prophets get capitalized. Those that worship God don't. You capitalize Islam because that is the religion. Lived and worked with muslims and Arabs. Nice people. What you see of the Arabs in the US are not usually representative. They tend to be royalty, wealthy playboy types, like kids in a candy store when here.
  • No they shouldn't. They can't start editing the bible and taking out whatever parts of it don't agree with popular culture. Religions based on scripture are dogmatic and it clearly says homosexuality is an abomination, so the church has to follow that. You can't just pick and choose. You have to just decide whether you accept the bible's world view or not.

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