• I like delicate pendents and ankle bracelets.
  • I like small, artistic ankle bracelets. You asked, I answered.
  • I, personally, like small diameter necklaces, ones that sit very close to the top of the chest/bottom of the neck, with things like stones or classy embellishments.
  • I'd describe the jewelry and the placement in detail, but I suspect that my answer would be flagged and deleted as a result. Suffice it to say that this jewelry is typically covered up by clothing, and this is true even if all she is wearing is a bikini...
  • I would say that jewellery doesn't excite me but I could be wrong. Jewellery is just part of a bigger whole and what matters is that the whole outfit 'works'. Sure we like beautiful women in sexy clothes but the most precious adornment on any woman is a beautiful smile. A beautiful smile and the right attitude can hide a lot of fashion blunders.
  • I have to say, the wedding ring on my wife's finger. Her and I have matching rings (big thick gold bands), and when we are apart, I can look at mine and it reminds me of her. When we are together, we clink them together.
  • Shoog, You are gonna get me all fired up right off the bat! I go ape crazy over silver dangling earrings with a thin connecting chain. I'm not explaining myself well.. Imagine a 2" shiny silver chain with a pearl at the end of it. At one end of the thin chain is a delicate earlobe, surrounded by fine, delicate hair that smells faintly like Pantene proV. As you follow the chain down, you are given a mini tour of the most tender acreage on a woman. The elegant neck! You watch, hypnotized as she turns her head to flash her bright smile at the waitress who is bringing the wine. The pearl swings across her tasty skin with opulence. You like that she treats people well, and this impresses you... but your eyes can't escape the allure of this this beautiful jewelry swinging over a fabulous neck. Each swing marking a wonderful spot to kiss... Belly button rings are cool too, though!
  • I nice pair of ear rings.
  • One of those chains that goes around their waste, and up to their neck, through a belly ring.
  • This is a tough one for me but I just thought of something. I like a Jade bracelet on a girl, I think its really beautiful :) I also like a small anklet - something to nibble on when I'm making my rounds :)
  • I also like those anklets, also the necklaces that go around the belly (what ever they are called).
  • Nothing to add, a womans body is a jewel!
  • Ok, after reading through everyone else's answers I now know that I'm alone on this one : D A lip ring, in the middle-bottom part of the lip. This picture is the only relatively good example I could find on Google. I don't really like the stud on it, just a plain ring. ***** What might seem even more out of the ordinary is that I actually want to get one like that for myself soon : D Maybe I just have a strange fascination with lip rings... *shrugs* hehe
  • I'm not a guy, but I noticed guys think hoop earrings and anklets are sexy (LOL I don't wear either, but its what I've noticed about guys!)
  • Belly button
  • pearl necklace

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