• Drugs?
  • Ice pack on your back for about 15 mins works to reduce the swelling that may cause the pressure on your sciatic nerve.
  • Hot water bottle always helps me, hope I helped you
  • pillow between your legs if you are on your side... under your knees if you on your back. Try not to elevate your head higher than you have to do.
  • Go to the doctor and ask for Oxycontin. It works, but don't drive or operate machinery while you are on it. Also ask for a referral to physio and an MRI. See also this question:
  • Sciatica is from the spine and I have found the only thing that has ever helped me is Gosh my Brain is going I cannot remember the names of the injections and I have had them dozens of times. They inject eachside of the spine or into the gaps between the dics.
  • I am so sorry you are in pain. There is no worse pain than this. I would rather give birth to another child. The only thing that worked for me was to stay off my feet. Flexeril and Oxycodone every six hours. I slept for about three days but my back was a lot better for it.
  • the best thing, if you don't want prescription pain killers, would be extra strength tylenol or motrin. a heating pad works wonders too
  • My husband suffering from Sciatica pain since 3 years.ppl says there is no cure for this..He tried Physio,chiro,chiness massage,accupunture,accupressure,now he is doing Yoga. He feels better bt has to do daily.Will operation cure? Anyone who has operated for this plz gv yr opinion.He is 49 yrs now.TQ
  • go see your doctor about it

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