• I think I know who you are talking about too! :-)
  • I come here to learn about other people and have fun!
  • I don't insult anyone (intentionally) unless they insult me first, then I go for the jugular.
  • I am just glad it isn't me. But I come to enjoy the words and company of the people here and if I am lucky I will make a friend or 50.
  • im here for friends fun and just enjoy the time spent here
  • Fun and freinds all the way, but that doesn't mean I won't do what needs to be done. I do so love a good debate.
  • Initially I came here to glean knowledge and share my own. While I still am here for those reasons, my primary purpose now is to interact with my friends in the community. I'm sure I've insulted a few people along the way. And while I don't recall any one in particular, I'm sure some were intentional. That's not generally my style though.
  • Hi Stormy....I know since I was a part of that link earlier tonight. I initially came here for questions until I knew what the Site was all about and I really came to care very much for so many of you on here. I truly do. It is an addictive, friendly, fun and knowledgeable site like a family where some disagree and we still get along. Sometimes we have members of our family who get out of hand and nasty and we have to put them in their place. Thanks for defending our sweet sister and also for keeping the positive threads going. Hugs!
  • I will insult people here who love to insult others. I wanna give them a dose of their own medicine.
  • I come here for amusement.
  • I have fun here. If it came to an end, I would be sad because there are some remarkable minds on this site.
  • I come here to make friends and have a good time .when pressures ,work or otherwise , try to put me down it feels good to interact with good friends here !
  • Actually stormy, your question is the essence of why I come here. To meet up with a group of caring individuals who would circle the wagons to defend one of their own against the actions of a cruel, thoughtless individual who has nothing better to do than attack one of our most beloved members. That's what will always set Answerbag apart. The people. Many of whom I am proud to call friends.
  • My reasons have changed. Originally I came here for Knowledge and help, now I come because I enjoy the friendship and companionship in time I would normally be alone. Hopefully i can give back some of the help and care that i was given.
  • I come here so I can get points and feel better about myself.
  • Neither. I come on here to answer questions and ask questions and comment on comment threats. Unfortunately, Answerbag will not let me ask questions or comment on anything at the moment. This happens every so often. I have enough patience to wait until Answerbag is back to normal again for me, though.
  • Have a good time, poke fun, stimulate thought and offer insight as well as a different perspective.

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