• What exactly are you trying to do? If you just want a v-8 in a mini-truck, there is probably a engine that will fit with some modifications to the mounts and the body. If you want to set up for racing, pulling, hauling there are going to be more considerations. The 1996 s-10 depending on your state requirements will not have a problem passing inspection, but it will need a ecm-pcm type computer because most states base emissions requirements on year of the body, not the motor. look at some of the hotrod truck websites, I'm sure some one has tried this (chevy guys do all kinds of stuff...) I'm betting that if you find the right engine / frame combination, there is a kit someone sells that has mounts, ect. for your project.
  • Summit sells a conversion kit for about $375. It includes headers, wiring harness adapters and motor mount conversion pieces. This kit will convert from the 4.3 v6 to the 350... If you have the smaller v6 or a 2.8, you will need to buy yet another kit to convert to the 4.3 before converting to the 350. You need to check your state laws, though. Missouri wouldn't allow it... I purchased a two year license and inspection and then went through the conversion. I'll have to do something different in another year (like, hope the inspector doesn't notice) -after all, the 4.3 is just a 5.7 with the front two cylinders lopped off. It really doesn't look that different. The truck is pretty fun to drive, but completely worthless if you need to pull out in a hurry. Obviously, spinning does nothing for your 0 - 60 times.

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