• Vaginal odor is perfectly a degree. Unusually strong or unpleasant odor is something that should be checked out by a doctor. Most of the time, the strong odor you are experiencing is actually related to sweat. Men and women both are prone to having a rather noticeable odor around the genital region, particularly at the end of the day. Why? We sweat alot...the genitals are kept clothed all day long, usually under multiple layers. It gets hot in that area, and sweating is common. Sweat begins to smell bad after a while...take your armpits for example on a very hot day, or when you wake in the morning. Now remember the fact that most people go their entire lives keeping their genitalia covered day and night...wearing undergarments when you go ot bed, and wearing undergarments and clothing during the day. Unless you are prone to walking around in the nude, your genitalia are kept covered for a long time. After a long day, odor build up is normal. Other causes for odor include urine residue, poor hygiene, periods, anal-related problems such as leakages or uncleanliness, and other such things. As stated earlier, both men and women are susceptible to this. Face it...the genitals are among the most germ-ridden areas of the body. Poor hygiene can lead to alot of problems, but one of the biggest reasons for vaginal odor is sweat. Needless to say, the stronger it is, the more noticeable it can be, and it can be a severe turn off. I had a rather unfortunate experience with my ex-girlfriend that I would like to forget, and it goes to show that its an example of hygiene that should be taken care of. One solution can try is to shave pubic hair. Women are usually more likely to do this than men. This will considerably lessen the amount of sweat that the genital area will generate, but it won't eliminate it completely. Another thing that you can try is to use deodorent. Be careful NOT to put deodorent directly on the genitals! It will be a bad, bad day for you if you happen to do so. Use a stick or gel deodorent and use itinthe area betewen your legs and thighs, particularly the inside of the leg where the leg meets the crotch area, since that is where people sweat the most on their lower body. Its essentially the armpit of the lower body, since its structured the same. Avoid using a spray deoderent, and if you are planning to use deodorent, then keep one seperate from the one you use normally for your arms. Don't worry too much...if you have a strong odor, chances are you may just be sweating alot. However, if the odor is unusually pungent or offensive, have it checked immediately. Also remember that during your period, there will be a considerably stronger odor than usual.
  • Just adding to the thorough answer already given by MP1116. Sometimes odor is caused by medications, this is especially true of herbal preparations.
  • I have one disagreement in the use of deodorants. Most deodorants are perfume ridden (the whole point) or literally anti-perspirants, and that is not a healthy thing to put in that specific area of the body. The last thing you want to do is keep any area of the body from sweating totally, this is the body's natural way of expelling. Also, with the perfumes that are added, this can make for an uncomfortable experience if the delicate skin of that area should and will likely become irritated. Not to mention, infection from the perfumes that are added, to such an area that is open, and bacteria susceptible. There are aresol deodorants that are made for a woman, FDS (feminine deodorant spray) being one, and these types are only even meant to be sprayed on panties, not on the actual skin. A hygenic way to approach any smells that may be offensive, is to carry a small pouch of moist cleansing towelettes, and use these during restroom breaks. Cottenelle and both Charmain, have these available in both the towelette form, and the wet toilet paper roll. Cornstarch baby powder in the creases of the legs, or on the panties is a healthy alternative to deodorants in that area, offering the absorption of any moisture, and a clean fresh smell.
  • Sweat is not the only cause of vaginal odor, and no, it is not normal. It is prevalent. That's why it is said to be normal... 'to a degree'. Sweat is certainly one of the causes of vaginal odor, but it should be said that sweat carries odors of the food we consume. If you consume a great deal of junk food, meat (especially fish), cheese, milk, eggs, any food that usually delivers unpleasant smells upon digestion and expulsion, then your sweat will carry these same smells. When you consume these kinds of foods, your body builds up toxins, and it tries to release them any way that it can (through urine, bowel movements, and, without a doubt, sweat). If you are a constant consumer of these kinds of foods, then your body is in a constant state of toxicity, constantly trying to release these toxins, and, therefore, constantly releasing these odors. A simple change of diet can significantly improve or even altogether relieve vaginal odor. Drinking lots of water, eating lots of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, nuts, fiberous foods like those. These are natural, cleansing foods that have been proven to detoxify and heal the body and many health conditions. If possible, raw uncooked fruits, vegetables, whole grains, nuts, etc. would be ideal. Many scoff at this dietary lifestyle, but it does work. It has been observed in people who have gone from the Standard American Diet to Raw Veganism, that body odor of all types has basically been diminished. The reason for this is that unhealthy cooked foods usually lack fiber, so they travel sluggishly through the digestive system and cause fermentation, which not only causes odor, but also disease. Someone on a raw vegan diet usually has several bowel movements daily, often however many times they eat is how many bowel movements they will have. This is due to the purity of their digestive systems and the fiberous foods quickly making their way through. The food does not have time to ferment, as it would for someone who eats unhealthy cooked food and usually does not eliminate what they eat until 12 - 24 hours later. Raw vegans have odorless stools, because they have no internal fermentation taking place. The intestinal tract and the vagina are very similar in this respect. So, if people on a raw vegan diet do not even have odor in their bowel movements, you can bet that they do not have odor anywhere else either. In addition to diet, there are many herbs, enzymes, and vitamins that have shown to improve or relieve vaginal odor : tea tree, bromelain, sunflower extract, glycerin, parsley, ginseng, astragalus, cayenne fruit, echinacea, fo ti, golden seal, guarana, kava kava, etc. Not all of these are for everyone, so I suggest you do some research first before trying any. A great site that gives in depth analyses of just about every herb, including precautions or possible reactions if any, is - I do not recommend using deodorants or commercial creams or douches. An occasional douche (maybe every month or so as needed) can be helpful if you use the right ingredients. A very effective douche could simply include a few drops of tea tree oil diluted in about a quart of purified water. Tea tree is an incredible natural antibiotic that has been specifically proven to destroy bad bacteria in the vagina and balance the pH. But it should be noted that even if you use natural antibiotics orally or in a douche, you should have some source of probiotics (good bacteria) such as acidophilus supplements or yogurt. While the antibiotics kill the bad bacteria, they may also destroy the good, so it's important that you replenish these. There are other causes of vaginal odor that I'm sure you're already aware of such as poor hygiene, tight or unbreathable clothing, and unprotected sex or sex with multiple partners. So, some obvious advice is to shower every day with a natural, unscented antibacterial soap, don't wear underwear or clothing that is too tight or unbreathable as this causes you to sweat more, and don't have unprotected sex or sex with multiple partners. If you incorporate all of these things and are still having problems, you should consult a physician. But likely, your reason or reasons for having vaginal odor are discussed here. Just change what seems the most probable reason(s) for you, and you should be fine.
  • I had the same problem, which was very unusual for me. This is so embarassing, but if it helps another perplexed woman, I'll tell. I called my doctor, very concerned, because I knew what a yeast infection was, and this was not it. And it definitely wasn't sweat. Her first question to me was if I had left a little something up there from my period (I was just at the very end) and I discounted that right away, since how could I do something like that? But she said to just check because "it happens all the time." Well, I hung up, went searching, and what did I find? YUCK! The source of the most horrific smell was a day old tampon (how the string got lost, I will never know). Sorry for the disgusting story, but I hope it helps someone who is freaked out by an unusually foul odor.
  • In answer to s_4720's post about diet & vaginal sweat, I will agree that a natural diet does help eliminate many of the most obvious non-hygiene causes of vaginal sweat, such as obesity and kidney problems. But as someone who follows a natural (though not totally raw) diet, I've got to concede to the power of my sweat glands. Both vajaja and 'pits end up smelling like freshly chopped onions at the end of the day - and I don't even eat onions! Maybe it's my ethnicity, or maybe it's just genetics, but even when I've gone on fruit fasts or raw food kicks, I still smell like a deli sub. Douches aren't going to help, because the smell isn't inside, it's concentrated at the intersection of your legs and vulva. I advise shaving/trimming pubic hair, resorting to the portable hypoallergenic baby-wipes, and stop stressing over this. Remember, you're the only one who can smell it, save for that someone "sniffing around" down there; chances are that this person's got other things on the mind.
  • It could be a bacterial infection which needs to be determined by a physician. It also could be a yeast infection, which can be cured with over the counter products. If this is odor is new to you, let your physician determine which can be causing you the odor. Females tend to get yeast infections when taking antibiotics unfortunatley.
  • I agree that vaginal odor is normal to a degree. But if this scent has become a little to strong recently, something must have been causing it. Like a changed in personal hygiene products for down there, or a change in partner, or an exercise routine that may have caused you to sweat a little more, or even douching. These among many others may have caused you pH level to change, and in turn will encourage the growth of bacteria, yeast and other infections. you may want to try an over the counter gel that will help prevent this infections by maintaining the normal pH level of your vagina. It's called RepHresh. Its odorless, hormone-free and easy to use...pretty much safe to try. :) You use it once every three days. Hopefully this helps you get rid of the strong odor you are now suffering from. goodluck!
  • I changed my diet 3 weeks ago to all of the so called power foods and as the poster stated above...I smell like onoions!! I've been eating, Tuna, salads, oranges, blueberries, chicken, oil and vinager italian dressing, Salmon, oatmeanl, water, tomatoes, cucumbers, nuts. What is going on here? EWwwww
  • Sometimes the oder comes from what your diet is. Hygeine is a big thing too, we release waste, have babies, and have sex (hope its safe). Make sure you dont have any infections or dieases, like if you have a un-normal color in your underwaer; be sure to cheack with a doctor! :)
  • just in the past week i have developed an odor and im not sure if i am the only one who can smell it. i have been with a total of 4 guys in my life, all spaced out and recently got a new boyfriend, whom i know is clean of diseases because we get tests done regularly. I have been with him sexually for 2 months but we do it pretty often, at least three or four times a week, as i only see him fri, sat and sun. i clean well down there but dont douche and i eat healthy, always have. please someone help me out. im dreading going around people because to me it seems strong and i can smell it.
  • You should also check the soap that you are using. The inside of the vagina is very acidic (about the acidity of wine, actually.) The pH of some soaps, along with their extra ingredients (fragrance, etc) can really mess with your vaginal 'environment' and consequently, odor. For almost a year I struggled with vag odor (really strong odor that I could sometimes smell even through my jeans!) I switched to a soap called True (you can get it at Whole Foods, natural foods stores)-- it's made with just 5 ingredients, no additives. Problem solved almost overnight. I've had no probs with odor since. Drinking lots of water also helps!
  • So, I as well have this vague odor. I was wondering, do you think maybe beer and perhaps coffee could be the cause of this odor as well? maybe even garlic and onions? I just need to know what to kick out of my diet here. Any solutions?
  • 9-18-2017 As a first guess, get nutritional yeast powder and/or B-100 pills. Vitamin B2 is a water soluble dye that turns urine bright yellow. When the color fades, it's time for another dose. Read some books about nutrition so you know how to eat right.

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