• If you can reset your phone.
  • It's always a good idea to do regular backups so you can restore to your last backup before the problem occurred. If you Google how to restore a backup on your particular phone you may have a background program that does regular backups. Also you can Google about that particular virus to learn how to remove it. But if you have to reset your phone to factory defaults all you've put on your phone including contacts will be gone. If you have gmail you can sync your contacts. I've found Wal-Mart electronics employees very helpful and I've heard many phone stores and service providers are also helpful, but they will try and sell you a new phone. That is their job after all.
  • take it to a phone place and ask them to delete the virus
  • Well stay away from me I don't want to catch this virus!
    • Ice man
      Dad, is that you ? lol. Years back .. I got my mother interested in computers, but my father wouldn't let her buy one because he had heard about computer viruses, and there was no damn way he was going to take a chance of being infected by one. True story. : )
    • Thinker
      Well I heard the this virus isn't as deadly as the that virus. The that virus is a real computer hard drive killer.

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