• Mrs. Dufresne: This is PART I of II --- PART II will follow in another answer box here. When you think about it, thoughts are just patterns of energy. They have flowed from our neurons to create a feeling in our body. Added, by these patterns of energy, the brain-producing biochemicals of 'fight or flight' may 'present' themselves in different areas physically, though centrally produced. For example, that tension in our necks may have 'landed there' because its a personally chronic place where an individual holds tension + add posture, breathing, etc. which influences this perceived physical area as distressed; the 'juices' in the stomach may 'churn,' again for many precedent physical reasons which again are then influenced by the 'thought' of fear, its own pattern of neuron-thought energy. And when we feel them in our body, suddenly we forget that it is we who created our own thoughts, and that we have total control over the thoughts we produce. As soon as we feel fear in our body, it is as if our mind shuts down and we forget that we can do whatever we want with our thoughts. (In of itself, these too will change the biochemicals being produced.) Many will tell us us "the most important thing is to feel good" but what I have discovered is to feel powerful. (Of course it is the same thing, but I find "powerful" to be more helpful when you are in the midst of these feelings.) In fact, when you are in fear you feel powerless. And knowing that the most important thing is to feel more powerful--so that you attract what you truly want and align with Source energy that is all-powerful--you can begin to direct your thoughts towards more empowering ones. Looking for a thought that feels good may be misguiding when you are in fear. "Good" seems out of the picture, but "more empowered" can lead you to anger, and then you are almost there. The "anger thoughts" I am looking for when I hear a fearful thought go something like this: "Nobody can tell me how I should feel or what I may do, including my 'negative Self!' And, "l know things are possible; the universe is unlimited. I can find a way to get what I want. There are solutions I never even thought about but that I can put time and effort toward finding"...etc. These thoughts, I have discovered, take me quickly from fear to anger and hope. So when you hear and feel in your body a sensation of fear produced by a thought, find out which thought is the culprit. Become aware of it and realize: this is a thought that brings me into a feeling of powerlessness; let's find a thought that will help me feel more in control... more powerful. More times than not, it is good to WRITE DOWN on a piece of paper the fear-thought, you are then able to view it 'outside of yourself.' Then, on the other side of the paper, write down an empowering thought in words, 'replacing' by choice ... action. Ask yourself, what can I do that will allow me to get closer to what I need and want? Look for a solution and a way to obtain it no matter what. Now that your focus is on the solution and not on the problem, you will find the means to achieve your goals and attract what you desire. Don't let fear trick you into retreating. Go for it! You will find a way.
  • Mrs. Dufresne: This is PART II ... an extension of my previous submit to you. While what was discussed in PART I is an empowering personal tactic, it is also important to consider other modalities of thinking, feeling and doing, lest a person-in-fear get 'caught' by always feeling that they have to 'do more,' 'be more.' Truth is, we are WHOLE human beings and all the 'gifts' of feelings, whatever these many be, regardless of their cause, encourage us to be so. Many individuals will run around, spending precious time looking for 'only' being positive and action-filled, especially when faced with a personal challenge or dilemma. Also, if we were to erase' even a part of us, even a 'feeling' we would be someone else, wouldn't we? In some very real ways, our 'job,' if you will, requires us to love all that we are. This part of my answer encourages you to understand that all that one feels IS completely and entirely NORMAL. The fear presented in different parts of the body, as discussed, are in some wonderful, yet strange way, as much 'friend,' as any desired 'strength' we perceive we need. Certainly, at times, fear is irrational. However, fear based on some realities is not. It is a help-mate, honest. ALL feelings we perceive and have are these as well: help-mates. There is absolutely nothing 'wrong' with feelings, all of our human feelings COEXIST, in our minds and bodies as personal 'informers.' With this in mind and body, coexistent feelings of vulnerability -- especially in those trying situations faced -- inform us that we are in a period of careful consideration. It is not only the mind that tells us so, it is our bodies that tell us so. This shares not only what 'we' may consider to do, but 'who' we must turn now to aid and assist our emotional intelligence. The acceptance of one's wholeness-as-person, which includes and could be felt as my honest whole-person appreciation, even emotions like sadness and anger. The self-loving acceptance of one's real need, consequentially helps us to make not only 'apparent' decisions, but encourages us to discover and delegate other tasks to those that love us or those that may care for us professionally. Those 'outside' of ones personal challenge (at the time) are usually more rational and will potentially think of ideas we, in our current state of dis-ease, may not have thought. Also, those loving us will help with our other needs: rest, nutrition, and our feelings of safe haven. All of these precedes and follows us through to the best resolutions and solutions of 'the challenge' as is possible. [Mrs: Dufresne: remember, dear friend ... you ARE a whole person. None of us want you to be anything more than that. You do not 'need' to be more ... even be stronger. All of us, especially those who lovingly surround you, respect everything you feel and all that you are! You, yourself, would only encourage any of us ... or them ... to be, to feel, just that. This is love-as-health at its best, nothing can ever take that away from you ... or us!]

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