• Don't think it really's a popularity contest, or was at my school.
  • I was class President... And in college I was Student Government President. I didn't promise things I couldn't deliver... I kinda just said hey here I am, you know you want it.
  • Go see Election. Then copy the speech given by the jock's sister. Ha!
  • on index cards in big letters
  • I'm answering this question twice, so there. You need some cool t-shirts. And some sweet dance moves.
    • Bootsiebaby
      Does this question actually make sense to you, avallach? It doesn't make sense to me. There appears to be something missing from it.
  • Add in recent events relating to the school in your speech so that people can relate to what you're talking and they feel you are in step with the times.
  • 1. Start by becoming your audience. As president, you should speak to your audience, not down to your audience. It is essential to remember that a leader is not one who controls followers, but someone who is of the people. A leader is one who serves and through their actions produces many more leaders. 2. Be honest. There's nothing peers like more than straight honesty. Open your heart and tell them the truth about you, your goals, and what you hope to do for and with them. 3. Be realistic. Set good goals in your speech and clearly outline how you will achieve them. If you have strong goals and a good plan for accomplishing them, others will perceive you as an excellent leader. 4. Be welcoming. Always emphasize how approachable you are and how much you want to work for them. People want a leader that works to involve them in decisions and ideas. Everyone wants a voice, make sure your speech says that you will give them that voice. 5. Be yourself. Be creative. If you try to be someone else, the audience will know in an instant. Trust that they will want the real you as their leader. 6. Be funny. Most of your peers couldn't care less who wins, so make note of that. You'll earn their respect and feel they can relate to you. 7. Do not use slander and libel, this can make others not like you in a heartbeat. ????? 8. Keep it short and simple so your audience doesn't get bored. 9. Do not become addicted to your thesaurus. Chances are if you don't know the word neither will your audience. 10. BE LOUD!!! HOPE IT HELPED!
  • If your are a school president. You can let other one write a good speech for you.
  • How do I write a good speech if my what is running for school president? This question does not make sense.

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