• Go with what works for you. I've never really paid any attention to what other people wear at the gym, and if anyone's looking at what I wear and judging me on it, I'd have to say they have a sad, sad life.
  • Tell him to cut that out. He doesn't look so spiffy in those too short gym shorts he's wearing. Nor do we enjoy it when he bends over. Or at least make him put his drawers back on.;) Wear what you want and are comfortable in. Nobody cares what you look like. If they did they wouldn't dress the way they do. All you're there for is to get sweaty. I think it's more he doesn't want guys looking at the junk in your trunk.
  • People can look away if they don't like it, that's what I do if I see something I dont want to. Plus spandex helps keep your muscles from cramping up, why should you risk possibly injuring yourself? Go tight, go proud
  • Your hubby isnt very nice. Wear what you want to wear. As long as you are comfy, it shouldnt matter.
  • thats dumb. the whole point of going to the gym is because you are trying to physically make yourself into what you want. if you wear baggy clothes you are not going to be very uncomfortable, which will nnot make you want to change. If it helps you keep a postive outlook wear spandex. If its what you want. wear baggy pants. Your husband isnt the one that has to wear them so tell him to shut up. and the people at the gym usuallyl look just as bad because they too are changing themselves and need to see what they will fit into when they are done.. so dont say mean things to others and they wont say mean things to you i guess. ( i wouldnt know i dont go to the gym.. i run alone down my road.)
  • With all due respect, tell your husband to kiss your ass. Could it be that he just doesn't want other men looking at you?
  • I don't think so..the reason why people go to the gym is to lose weight and tone their bodies..they don't have time to criticize others. Wear what you want to the gym. Eventually, you'll lose those excess and will look good again on spandex. Ü Good luck!
  • i dont know what kind of shape you're in or how old you but i never want to see an 80 yr old woman in spandex... there are limits to who should wear it
  • No, I'm there to get my own workout..
  • spandex is for people that have the body to wear them i am a spandex wearing guy i am at 135lbs and nice tan on the body so that is what i think
  • Wear what you feel comfortable in. It's really none of your husband's concern. People at the gym are there to work on themselves, physically and emotionally. They're not concerned about your wardrobe. I've gone to a number of types of gyms, and participated in a number of types of fitness programs. I've never noticed anyone worrying about anyone else's clothes - other than in bellydance class where we talk about the various types of coin scarves and belly tops people are finding to wear to class and for performance. If people say anything to each other, it's usually just to encourage each other in their efforts. If your husband has a problem with you wearing what you're comfortable with, he may need to consider his own attitudes toward you. He's not showing any respect to you with his comment.
  • No one cares what you wear to the gym. However, from a medical standpoint, you should wear clothing that allows yours body to breath and quicky wick away sweat.
  • Go look in the mirror and say, "I am a beautiful woman and I am thankful for my body. I am thankful that i can workout when there are others who wish they had limbs, thankful i can breathe because there are some who are dying to do so, thankful that my body is capable of losing weight and thankful i am still alive here on this earth to live in it! I am beautiful and acceptable just as i am and i choose to take care of my body because it is a blessing from God." Then consider that you made a commitment to give yourself to your husband, your whole self. Is it appropriate to wear revealing gym wear so other men can see you? If you knew what half of them were thinking would you really be comfortable exercising in front of them in those articles of clothing? If you really accepted yourself as beautiful would you feel it neccessary to wear those clothes? Would you want toned, sexy women in skimpy gym wear checking out your husband in his spandex? Questions to ask yourself and to consider his perspective. Maybe he just doesn't feel secure enough about himself to tell you that you look overly sexy and he doesn't want other men looking at you.
  • Have you ever seen baggy pants on a rear end that needs to lose weight? Spandex can only be an improvement. Wear a long shirt.
  • Wear whatever is comfortable. If you don't feel restricted or overweighted by clothes, you are more likely to enjoy a longer workout. The people that need the gym most are the ones that don't look good in spandex, so I'm sure you don't stand out that much!
  • People are checking you out every second there. Don't kid yourself.
  • We should adorn ourselves modestly with soundness of mind and in a way that is proper (1 Tim 2:9,10). Our clothing is a reflection of our personality. We have to ask ourselves: Do I want other people to notice certain parts of my body? Do I want attention? Am I confident and comfortable? Do my clothes imitate images that I see on tv and in magazines? Do I present myself as a modest, reasonable,intelligent woman? Would I be comfortable allowing my daughter wear something similar? Is this appropriate attire for where I am? There is a time and a place for everything.
  • i think you should wear whatever you want
  • People generally dont care in that nobody is going to comment but it gets noticed. There is an old guy who wears jeans to the gym which is a no-no but hes old and its probably good hes making the effort but its noticed. And so will a fat woman wearing spandex be noticed. Nobody will say anything but a lot of people will think she should have waited to drop some weight before stuffing those pounds into those pants.

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