• My Dad is very "no nonsense" and can be quite abrupt and short with people. He doesn't mean to be rude, he just never mastered the art of small talk / superficial pleasantries. It has created much embarrassment and awkwardness for myself and my sisters over the years.
  • my mom always used to page me in walmart, that was kinda is he rude? burping, farting? or is he mean to waiters? or all the the above? i'd talk to him about it, and let him know how it makes you feel. tell him he can be himself at home but in public it would create a better impression if he acted decent. also, remind him he might have gotten his food spit on. if he doesnt change, eat dinner with someone else!!
  • October 11,1986. My new bride and I had hit some bad traffic on our way home from Just being married in the Washington DC LDS Temple. We were headed back to New York for our reception and thought we left plenty of time. We got back in about an hour late to the reception with ove 100 guests waiting our arrival. I was greeting some of the people who were congratulating me when all of a sudden my dad got up ans screamed at the top of his lungs to get over there right now and say hello to my mother and grandmoter. I felt like I wanted to xcrawl under a rock and die. all eyes in the room were wandering between me and my dad. I just coulda killed him for embarrassing me like that.
  • Man I hate it when I go out with my dad...aaahhhh horrible! He is rude to everyone and expect evrything for nothing. My father is very arrogant. And to make things worse when ever they invite my sister that girl acts just like him. I've even stopped going to family holidays because of those two...I love em' but there IDIOTS. They have no respect for anyone...GREAT QUESTION!!!
  • Like if we were at teh grocery store my mom is looking at a product and she'll say something like "ITS EXPENSIVE" out loud and I'm like shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!
  • Yes, they used to. My mother brought my retainer to school once, because I didn't want to wear it to school and embarrassed me in front of the whole school, waving the retainer around and yelling about how much money she paid to get me braces, etc etc... I still cringed remembering and I'm old. I don't know of any solution....just trudge through it and know that you'll NEVER do that to any other kid ever.
  • My mom is kind of an airhead and when we go out shes really loud and always laughs really hard at her own at first its funny but then after awhile I'm like uggghhh I'm taking you home!
  • My mother embarrasses me constantly -- Most recently, we were at the store and she was trying to convince the clerk to let her use their employee discount..
  • Yes! Too many ways to mention.
  • My mother is the rudest person when we go out to eat!! She doesn't tip and she is a real b****! I try and be nice so that they won't spit in my food or something... I can't believe how rude she is when we are out... It really embarasses me! My friends hate going out with us when she is with me! Usually they say they are busy because they know how horrible it is to go out with her... She is just like the customers that I have had, that treat me like crap no matter how nice I am...
  • Yes, just today my dad blew his nose while sitting in the booth of a restaurant. And he is one of those dramatic nose blowers.
  • yes they do. all of the time and it drives me insane.
  • My father has a tendency to be rude in restaurants too, especially if the waiters or waitresses don't kowtow to his every whim. Makes me sick actually. I mean I can understand expecting good service, but when you attack someones personal self-worth for not filling you coffee cup fast enough, a line needs to be drawn. That is one of the many reasons why I don't want to be anywhere near where he is.
  • You think that's embarrasing? My dad, at his 1st ever Chelsea F.C. match, got drunk and was shouting at every single player abuse for the whole match, even at half-time when no-one was there.
  • I do not look at other people asd a reflection of me, so I do not get bothered, but my sister wants to die because of my father's rude brash ways. LOL
  • My mother lives, eats, and breathes embarrassment!
  • Never. I think they're decent enough not to do anything like that in public.

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