• Two points: Firstly, that's not a good birth control method! Secondly, some people are allergic to latex. There are other options, though. Don't practice unsafe sex! Read up on it here:
  • this question causes my blood to boil. You are so young to risk pregnacy and if you bf is not even responsible enough to use birth control, how would he be responsible enough to father a child? Your BF is being cruel, lazy and narcissistic. There are hundreds of types of condoms and types that are hypoalergenic. He should be responsible for birth control just as much as you. If he is safe to have sex with, go to your doctor and get birth control pills or a diaphram. Never put fermenting substance inside your Vgna like butter. Use KY or a safe lubricant if you need this.
  • Well Ann C your here on Answerbag asking the same bs as you asked on yahoo answers
  • oh good grief! how many dozens...maybe hundreds of times, ways and under how many different names have you asked this preposterous question on Yahoo Answers? do you really think anyone will take you seriously here? this (and you) are full of usual. attention everyone on Answerbag....this person is chronic troll from Yahoo Answers...and Lord knows how many other Q&A forums.
  • Hi ann c
  • It is possible that he is allergic but it is not a commmon allergy. You are very young to be risking wasting your life using no birth control. Butter is not birth control. You have been very lucky For your own sake go to a clinic and get some proper advice.
  • i think you should stop having sex with him before you find yourself pregnant
  • Other than as a very inappropriate form of lubrication, butter is not a birth control method. Women used cocoa butter as birth control during Victorian days. Which is undoubtedly the reason why family size averaged 6 children not counting miscarriages and early baby deaths. When you wind up pregnant and he faces 18 years of child support he will probably wish he had looked into types of condoms he wasnt allergic to or taken you to Planned Parenthood for some actual real form of birth control products. There are about a dozen methods on the market.

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