• Maybe bored and looking for excitement in life..
  • Because they stopped loving each other years before and the kids are grown (which was the reason they stayed together all those previous years)! :(
  • Boredom
  • Probably for the same reasons why people get divorced after five or ten. Now it's more acceptible than it was before. Women can financially support themselves. Children could be grown. All kinds of reasons.
  • Mid-life crisis and wanting to do something drastic to deal with it.
  • They want relief.
  • In most cases they are probably waiting for the kids to leave the house.
  • maybe because they were suffocating and the children were the only reason why they were willing to be without breath. Until they just could'nt take any more.
  • Thats a good Question Highlander! My Mom and Dad were married for 26 years. You would think that before that much time, that they would have had an idea that maybe they were not meant for each other. It had nothing to do with waiting till all of us were grown, my youngest sister was just 6. I have never heard either one of them say why they divorced. It was a struggle for my Mother, and all 6 of her children for a long long time but I guess that wasn't considered either. My only thought is that it was out of selfishness and pride. I know its easy to say things like this when I don't know what really caused them to hate each other but I also know that in some cases of divorce, its just a cop out. Its easier to do than to stick around and face the music. My wife and I made a promise when we married that we would never let our marriage end in divorce. We have been separated, been to marriage counselors and seen more than our share of problems but we are still together. To many people get married with the thought in mind that if it doesn't work out that they can always get a divorce, I guess thats why 1 out of every 2 marriages now end that way.
  • I would say that they felt they missed something. Call it what you like they are not content with their life and how it is. Mid-age crisis, menopause, whatever. I've been married 28 years and love it. It's because I love her a lot. We share each other's victories and down times. Support each other because you want to not because you are expected too. Real love endures all and expects nothing. We have unconditional love and divorce was NEVER an option. We will grow old together and it is great!
  • My cousin said they divorced because when they retired and they were in the house together all day, every day, they realized they really had nothing in common.
  • because when the wife goes through menopause she freaks out and leaves her family.
  • Mid-life crisis, or they just fell out of love. And like someone said earlier they wanted to wait until the kids were grown. My parents have been married for 24 years now, and are in the process of getting a divorce. It just depends on the people and how much of their life they're willing to sacrifice for a marriage even if it's not working.
  • Their perscriptions ran out yo...
  • I give them an A for going through with it compared to being stuck in a loveless marriage and being together only because they can't afford being apart.
  • People are in the way of thinking that getting a divorce will fix all of their problems. Well if after 3 divorces you still can't get it right, as ron white says, there is a common denominator in the equation of love. Being a child of divorce, I have seen the problems that cause it to happen and the problems it causes. My parents was over cheating. It makes my heart hurt to know I am partly my father's genetic material because he was a cheater. Cheating is one of the worst things that you can do to a person. Pardon my not answering the question though. here you go: people get divorced after 20 or 30 years because they don't talk about what they want/need and because they are selfish. Good communication can prevent(maybe not solve) anything, if you are willing to try.
  • Sometimes people grow in different directions. Sometimes couples are unable or unwilling to do the work required to keep them together. Sometimes people just get tired of their life and it translates to being tired of their spouse. Sometimes people put up with abuse and neglect for years before finally summoning the courage to leave. Sometimes people will stay married "for the sake of the kids", not realizing that the kids would be better off being raised by a single parent who is happy than by two who are miserable. For as many couples as get divorced, there are probably that many reasons why. The two biggest things mentioned in divorce are money and sex -- usually not enough of one or both. While some here cite divorce as 'sad' or 'lazy' or 'disgusting', I could apply all of those labels to people who feel "stuck" in their marriage with no means of escaping, and limited resources to fix the problems. Those of you who may be fortunate enough to have a good marriage should not be so quick to judge those who have not been so lucky.
  • Cause that's how long it took for the last kid to leave home, and they realized that that was the only reason they were still together. Probably, someone convinced them to stay abstinent until they got married young and had lots of kids and were locked into a relationship that was not right for them because they were too young and "inexperienced" at the time to know what they wanted.
  • maybe its been 20-30 years of misery? And they can not take it anymore.
  • I know. Stupid, huh!
  • boredom
  • Sometimes it takes people that long to realize their mistake. :-)
  • The same reasons they get divorced after 2 or 3. They don't want to invest any more time in a deal that has gone south.
  • Misunderstanding after living together for 20-30 years.

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