• Well, Buddy Guy's Legends bar is a famous Chicago venue. It's kind of touristy, but holds on to its divebar roots. New Orleans has a lot of good places to listen to blues standards, especially in the Garden District. LA has more contemporary, progressive blues. I guess it depends on what you're into. The worst place to listen to any kind of music is definitely a chain restaurant like Chili's or TGIF's. Or Heaven forbid, Starbucks.
  • On the Blues station of course.
  • In the car...or in the house while cleaning...everywhere is the best place to listen if it's good music!
  • Check your newspaper and see which blues bands are playing around you.
  • ANYWHERE! I'm partial to New Orleans though alot of musicians were displaced by Katrina.There are still good places in the quarter. Memphis has good clubs also.In Dallas,Tx. there are a lot of good clubs. When you are there listen to 89.3 fm(KNON)its a low power public station that plays EXCELLENT blues at night.Stuff you havent heard in years,new bands,and obscure stuff.They also give details on performers in the area and listings for the local clubs.
  • I enjoy the blues at a blues club only for the most part. It's just not the kind of music I listen to at home or while driving. There is a great blues club in Houston called *The Big Easy*.
  • Around here (Duluth/Superior) it's the Bayfront Blues festival or Bev's Juke Joint
  • I went to this bar in El Monte, California (which is like a Mexican ghetto) and I played blues on the jukebox. Sounded perfect.
  • I could listen to blues music everywhere!!
  • Sunday Afternoon from 5:00pm to 7:00pm on 107.3fm in Warsaw, Indiana. It is the Blues Show that I host. The best Blues Around. Several of the Clubs/Bars in the area play it each week and there is a large group of listeners that do not miss a week. Besides that anywhere out doors. Support live music any time that you can Peace, Love & Blues to all.
  • In a setting where it would rain small grapes.
  • Anytime, anywhere, anyhow. I love blues music.
  • In my Blue Heaven.
  • Live blues in a blues bar!
  • I always enjoyed listening to the blues when i was working as a waitress and doing the early breakfast shift. it was so nice to start the day with a few customers drinking coffee and having leadbelly playing. the cafe was called "Muddy Waters" oddly enough!
  • in a pub or bar, with loads of mates, who also love Blues music, and are generous at getting the beers in!

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