• Try this: If that doesn't work... just trying Googling "free wav to mp3 audio converter" It's all about keywords!
  • one word. Audacity.
  • Online & free? Offline and on your own? Look something up. Lazybones.
  • Better still use Audiograbber -
  • maybe might work ;)
  • I'd use foobar2000 (which is also a great audio player btw) with LAME. LAME is available here: All you have to do, is put the song in the foobar playlist, right click it, go to "Convert" then "...". Choose "MP3 (LAME)" as the output format. At this point foobar should ask you where the LAME binary is, and all you have to do is point it to him. Then you can convert to mp3. Press "..." to configure the bitrate, and when you're done OK it all.
  • Audacity. Just Google Audacity. It is free. You will also need a .dll called Lame.dll or something like that. You can Google and get that .dll for free too, just put it in the same folder as your Audacity folder. Have fun! Peace Out, The Compusician
  • There is a program called Super MP3 Recorder Pro, it allows you to record music as mp3 or wave, it also comes with a program called super mp3 lite which allows you to change the format of your music. To find it just google: Super MP3 Recorder Pro and you can easily find the key gen for it at:
  • No need to download anything, it's built in to Windows XP and Vista. But if you feel the need, download Media Coder.
  • Try Switch at - it's compact. Audacity is great for a number of edits, splices and mash-ups, but it is very bulky just for converting and uses a lot of space. Remember, the less storage space you have, the smaller your files should be, the worse your music will sound, so get storage space. Also, you can't get better sound by converting a 96 kbps file into a 320 kbps file, it will just take up more room, but converting a wav file to a 320 kbps file will sound MUCH better than converting it to a 96 kbps file, or 128, which is average. WAV RULES! Try not to go below 192. And try not to put ketchup on your Häagen-Dazs ice cream.
  • Windows Media player (at least on Vista).
  • Use Joyoshare Video Converter
  • I recommend - you just upload your wav files, click convert, then download the mp3's. It works great if you are doing one or two files. But if you want to batch more than that, they will ask for money. You can use some media players to do this, but it's usually a little complicated, and not all of them will allow it, for whatever reason. The other alternative is to burn the wav files to rewriteable media and then rip them as mp3's, but that's time-consuming, even if it doesn't require much attention in the process.
  • Try
  • Try Audfree Audio Converter which can convert WAV files to MP3, AAC, WAV, FLAC, M4A, M4B losslessly at 30X faster speed.
  • A hosts of ways to get there. The easiest is using VLC media player or Handbrake. Online converters can also work amazing. Jut enter online music converters on the Google search bar to get.

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