• They're confusing and complicated and annoying. I'm taking tax classes with Liberty and by golly, the different loopholes and whatnot will make your head spin.
  • I leave all that to the H&R Block. I don't know much about that crap.
  • They are necessary for the operation and enrichment of a civilized society. However, they are put in place by the wealthy and therefore inevitably favor the wealthy.
  • that they could ruin absolutely everything if the district is too unreasonable with taxes.
  • They need to be simplified. Why not a national sales tax? Seems like that would be more equitable.
  • I don't mind paying them. I mind the mismanagement of them. The government has the worst accountants on staff (or the best *wink*)
  • Like what I heard John McCain say about reforming the system today. Better than the tax hike the other two have promised.
  • I don't care all that much, since I don't make enough to pay taxes.
  • Grrr....
  • Render unto Caesar what is Caesars and unto God whats is Gods...
  • Nobody likes being taxed, but I think you're better off in America than here in England. Here, a gallon of unleaded is 114p a litre and rising. We all know that the government collects half of that in tax, but when you desperately need your car for work, what can you do? My wages are regularly taxed about £450 a month, (I'm guessing about $886?) then I'm taxed again for filling up with petrol to get to work to be taxed again, and again, and...
  • gas tax= to maintain roads, property taax ect goes towards local schools, ect. income tax and state tax are both illegal. its unconstitutional to have un-apportioned tax and the irs knows it. they dont eve have income defined in the irs law books. since federal income tax is illegally started, state tax follows. anyone who proves where income tax money goes will be nice. and dont say military, cause legal corporate tax pays that. for i dont mind paying taxes when they go to help me out. but when people pay large sums of money to give to the fake federal reserve, which is privitely owned then no. i dont want to pay it but i have to. legal taxes= ok with. illegal= not cool with
  • I wouldn't mind paying more taxes if I had more of a say on how to spend the money to improve society. For now, I guess charitable deductions come close to being adequate.
  • No one making less than $150,000 a year should have to pay tax. Let the rich pay them since they have had all the tax breaks since Bush entered the white house eight years ago. The rich owns the USA (other than the half that China now owns). And for GOD's SAKE start taxing the churches!!!That is the biggest rip off of any century...Tax the churches and we can pay back China in just a couple years! Tax the churches and we can have new roads, new schools with good teachers, food and health care for the poor and elderly. We can build bridges, build damns, build a new power grid, build new leevees, protect our borders, have maore law enforcement, more medical care, save Social security, and have medicare pay a decent to our providers. TAX THE CHURCHES and NOT the citizens.
  • I think they are complicated but necessary. There are only two things you can't avoid in life and that's TAXES & DEATH!
  • I love them. They help my community buy things that we wouldn't be able to come together and pay for (let alone agree on) on our own. How we SPEND our taxes, well, I think the citizens should have a lot more control over that, but I'm all for high taxes if the community benefits, even if it doesn't benefit ME directly.
  • I think everyone should be taxed equally, rich and poor alike. The more you make the more they take it's ridiclous.
  • I've got the Tea, now where is Boston harbor?????
  • Taxes are a necessary evil but I see taxes are way too high right now for me. I wish my taxes were lower.
  • Hatred and raged. Did I miss anything?
  • Overtaxed. I pay too much State and Federal in CA on programs that I never will be able to use.
  • A necessary evil which contrary to prevailing sentiment, will not the route best served for getting us out of our current crisis. Highr taxes put more money in the hands of politicians that have only too well shown they haven't a single clue what to do with it.
  • Unnecessary evil. Everything should be voluntary. Here's a few quotes that I agree with in regards to my feelings about taxes: "The first great lesson to learn about taxation is that taxation is simply robbery. No more and no less. For what is "robbery"? Robbery is the taking of a man’s property by the use of violence or the threat thereof, and therefore without the victim’s consent. And yet what else is taxation?" ~ Murray Rothbard "...For the tax he pays does the farmer enjoy more favorable growing weather? Or the merchant a more active market? Is the skill of the mechanic improved by anything the state does with what it takes from him? How can the state quicken the imagination of the creative genius, or add to the wisdom of the philosopher? When the state takes a cut from the gambler is the latter's luck bettered? Are the earnings of the prostitute increased because her trade is legalized and taxed? Just what part does the state play in production to warrant its rake-off? The state does not give; it merely takes." ~ Frank Chodorov "...All taxation is theft..." ~ Anthony Gregory "...the argument that taxation is synonymous with robbery is about as simple and airtight as arguments ever get in the political realm. In fact, the argument can be stated with simple syllogistic precision: 1. Robbery is defined as seizing another man’s justly-owned property without his consent. 2. In taxation, the representatives of the state seize their subjects’ justly-owned property without their subjects’ consent – always under the threat of severe penalties if they refuse to obey. 3. Therefore, taxation is definitionally and morally synonymous with robbery. ~ Mark Crovelli "...a moral and intellectual revolution against income taxation must be accompanied by a moral and intellectual revolution against socialism and empire. By limiting the role of government to its traditionally legitimate functions of police, defense, and courts, the amount of voluntary money needed to fund such operations becomes relatively minuscule. The citizenry would have the freedom to keep everything they earn in the marketplace, accumulate unlimited amounts of wealth, and decide for themselves how to dispose of it. Herein lies the key to a free, prosperous, and harmonious society." ~ Jacob Hornberger And check out this excellent essay about taxes -
  • persionaly I don't pay income tax I only work for goods or cash, I do so because i do not support the US goverments agenda of war and slavery thru poverty. The way I see it if I finace war by giving to the federal gorenment I gilty of murder. Plus requiering me to pay taxes is unconsituional if this truely is a free nation.

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