• I had this problem and I went to the doctor. I was diagnosed with sleep apnea. Now I wear a face mask which is hooked to a CPAP machine, and I wake up feeling great.
  • Beats me. I only get, on average, about six hours sleep a night. I am sometimes tired the next day, sometimes not...
  • Yes, I sleep 10 to 12 hours a night & I still feel so sleepy
  • the other day i woke up and finally felt like i slept but every other day i wake up and i just wanna go back to sleep or cant even get out of bed because im so tired. i yawn almost all day and sometimes at night i have trouble breathing.... is that the same as what you are describing?
  • You could be lacking iron in your diet. Try a vitamin supplement once a day or see your doctor about this. I did as I slept 8-12 (sometimes 14) hours at a time and would be as tired as a Nascar speedway. Sorry, bad pun, lol.
  • Yes. There is such a thing as "oversleeping" too. But you can have various blood and neuro conditions which can affect your feeling of tiredness. See your GP if the condition persists.

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