• This would be difficult, first, because the user would need to carry an engine, transmission, and propeller that would produce enough thrust to lift the person, the mechanical hardware, and the fuel supply off the ground. Secondly, if the beanie (or, far more practically, backpack) did not incorporate counter-rotating propellers, the person wearing it would begin to spin about the centre of rotation of the driveshaft as soon as his or her feet left the ground - the same problem experienced by helicopters. Third, even a small gas turbine and transmission is too heavy for a person to lift, let alone perch on top of the head. Gas turbines have the best power to weight ratio of any potential power system. Fourth, gas turbines run extremely hot - no further explanation required unless burning flesh appeals to you. ------------------------------------------------------------ Re: "Is your neck up to it?" How true and a real oversight to neglect adding a few comments in this direction. The human body is wonderfully adapted to its upright stance and retains a sustantial part of its four-legged past. The mammalian skeleton has not adapted to hanging around by the head, with the greater part of their body weight suspended from a few muscles and ligaments. The cervical nerves would also be very unhappy with this arrangement. This is the reason why all personal flying devices that have been developed and prototyped have supported the body at the pelvis. Beany, as luck would have it, was a puppet who had a substantially different physiology than humans. And when Beany grew up into an animated character, he gace up what few limitations he once had. Animated characters have no need for chin straps. He did lose a little dimensionality, though.
  • IN SHORT . . . Glue a One-'man' Helicopter to a Beanie Hat - Wire the controls so that it can be controlled from beneath the helicopter, rather than inside it, and away you go. And I'm not joking either; The Helicopter design that we all know and love has essentially remained unchanged since Leonardo Da Vinci first 'thought' of the idea millions of years ago. Specifically, the lightest, self-contained flying machine possible i.e. Propulsion/Fuel/Control/Accomodation (a seat). Ever since the first realistic prototype flew in the 1930s, design has largely remained unchanged; those four elements are still needed to realistically get a 'body' off the ground from a standing position and sustain controlled flight. So back our Beanie Hat . . . The Helicopter is the most practical adaptation you can make to achieve what you want although, for most of us, it is prohibitvely expensive. One Final Thought . . . If whoever asked this question really wants to fly on their own, Jet-Packs are probably more within their reach. But who would put a jet pack on top of a beanie hat ? Duh !!
  • Well first you'd need an inertia/weight cancelling backpack. Then it'd be easy. Just put an itty bitty motor in your beanie.

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