• I've worshipped His Noodliness for many years now. Pastafarianism has truly changed my life, and saved me from a noodle-less life. Ramen.
  • No, I wanted to but Lilith is watching her carbs and Isis and Innana are worried about getting sauce all over thier clothes. Besides that, I think Bast might freak if she has to sit near him.... too much catnip lately!
  • I had till i saw the errors of my ways and Lord Atkins led me on the path of the low carb diet.
  • He has touched me with His noodly appendage!
  • I have not. Maybe if they went door to door and explained their faith and creed, I might know more about it; that would be more personal than just reading about it on the Internet.
  • "Numerous references are made to the Flying Spaghetti Monster ("His Noodliness"), a religion created with the same logic that holds all other major religions together (You too can convert to Pastafarianism by going to The Church of FSM.)" Source: I find this Flying Spaghetti Monster quite cute: But I prefer invisible pink unicorns. Further information:
  • I find the tone of the question somewhat offensive but can see the humour and the irony of what you say. Born agains (of which I am proud to belong!) have done the gospel a great disservice by speaking of the Lord of Glory in such a trifling way that there is no wonder that people can parody it in such a manner. That being said I am glad that you have the liberty to do such a thing other faith systems would be searching for a stake to tie you to. No threat or offence meant in the tone of my input!
  • RAMEN!
  • I'm agnostic even to the FSM, so instead of "Ramen", I'll say "Cup-o-Noodles"!
  • I don't believe in that Eastern stuff - I'm more of an egg-noodle type.
  • I can't accept anything I don['t know a thing about. I'd have to do my research and study and see if His Noodliness' words actually worked or made sense in some way. Can he come and talk to me or send his reps? What's in it for him and for me? I'm a hard one to convince but once I am, I am faithful and true.
  • Sure why not: Ramen, may your savory flavors protect the sanctity of my palate and may you always taste delicious in a hurry. I want to add butter and chopped onions and diced tomatoes though.
  • I do not like Noodles, does that rule me out.
  • I'll whore for points. RAMEN!
  • Never a missed opportunity, huh AR? Trying to maintain the balance?
  • Amen to Ramen! :)
  • No, and I'm tired of these people coming to my door and refusing to take "I have my own beliefs, thank you!" for an answer! Last week I answered the doorbell (why do I even do that?) and there were two Noodleheads out front. They're easy to identify by the glazed 1000-yard stare and the huge boxes of pasta they haul around everywhere. Inwardly I cringed, but of course I'm a "nice guy" (curse me!), so I tried to appear interested. They launched into their typical speech about the Antipasta and the end of the world, yadayaya, and after about 3 minutes I was completely confused (again!). So I asked them "tell me something... do you think this door-do-door preaching really ever converts anybody!!?" Apparently, that was the ticket. The Dominant One (with the longer spaghetti) stopped talking, and the Silent One looked expectantly at him. He fumbled in his notes, and a single laminated sheet fell out on the ground. I bent down to pick it up, and got a quick look at the "training" these folks have been receiving -- it was full of simplistic questions and answers to be expected from conversion candidates, e.g.: Q: "How do I know the Book of Pasta is the truth?" A: "It's very old, and lots of other people have believed it and formed large stone buildings based on that belief. They could not possibly have gotten the stones to stand on top of each other had it not been the truth!" Q: "I heard that Pastafarians believe the world is made out of semolina, but science says that it's made out of rocks and shit. What gives?" A: "Rocks are made out of semolina" ... it was all stuff like that. Both sides of the "quick answers" card were covered. I realized that my question (about whether they thought their recruiting methods were effective) was simply not on the card! This is how I learned The Answer(tm) for dealing with these visitors: just ask them something unexpected. They're not programmed for that, and the subsequent meltdown is entertaining enough to compensate for the irritation of answering the door in the first place! :)
  • There is no religion that makes any sense to me. It would appear I am immune to moronic brainwashing or repetitive claim syndrome.
  • I have some Ramen in my cupboard, beef or shrimp flavored today?
  • Antigone, I find so many of your questions delightful and intelligent. You're insightful and witty and you have really great things to say on a number of topics. It is for this reason that I'm confused when you make fun of Christians and Christianity. I realize that many individual Christians (and lots of large groups) have done some stupid, awful things in the name of Christ. But many of them have not done such things at all, and certainly not to you. By reading your reasoned, educated remarks on so many other subjects, I would never have guessed that you would be so antagonistic toward an entire group of people. Oh, and lest I forget to answer the question, no, because I'm a Christian. But I wish you the best in your Carbism.
  • Ramen to that my brother

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