• Haven't got a cat but our dog is the same, she never plays with squeaky toys or bones, very protective over them but never does anything with them
  • I know I've spent close to $300 buying toys and cat trees and beds for my cat. The only toys he plays with are those tiny fake mice and the "fishing rod" chase toy. Recently, he takes to sleeping in a cardboard box we left lying on the floor.
  • i even bought catnip and the cat ignores it. my cat loves to chase the red laser spot on the carpet. she follows it up the walls and waits to pounce on it when it gets to the floor again. she has learned that the spot originates with me, and it isnt so exciting any more. smart cat.
  • yes, and goes back to boxes and tabs off the milk container hmmm
  • I never buy cat toys any more. Wad up a piece of paper, throw the milk jug ring on the floor, or leave an empty box lying around, and they entertain themselves with those things all day. But buy them a cat toy, or their own fluffy blanket to snuggle up in, and they ignore it. If it's a toy that moves, they'll play with it for awhile, but you have to keep rewinding or replacing the batteries, or they get bored. I guess it's just a "cat thing."
  • yes, shes so contrary, the moment she seems to realise that the new toy or bed is for her, she wont go anywhere near them, ive wasted so much money on her
  • They play with almost everything at one time or another. I put some of their toys away and exchange them after a month or so. It's like getting all new toys to them. I put some away, for later, on top of a book shelf. I caught one of my cats pulling one of the toys out to play with.
  • no cause i dont have a cat
  • No cat here!
  • no cause i dont have a cat

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