• Whatever floats your boat
  • Sure... I'm a brief/boxer-brief guy myself. I like the support.
  • I'm kinda versatile
  • ahhh yeah well what i'm thinkin is.. maybe you could wear those trendy ones that all the guys a got happening now.
  • Knock yourself out!
  • Hey I'm thinking of switching over to tighty whities. Its normal to me!
  • im a boxer guy
  • my gf just switched all my boxers to tighty whities and I cant really say they feel normal to me right now as I kinda feel like a 23 year old 5th grader right now. I thought they were wicked tight and uncomfortable at first but now im starting to get used to wearing them again and there not that bad, you get used to them I think and they become normal
  • i prefer boxer-briefs because i hate boxers but don't really like whitie-tighties either..
  • yes, that's why they make chocolate and vanilla
  • Yes, boxers shouldn't be underwear. They're really shorts for Christ's sake.
  • Underware is a persoal prefrence if you like them that is okay for you I am a boxer dude have been for most of my life cant handle my junk cooped up curt
  • Absolutely. I feel the same way.
  • dude underware is a personal prefrence so wear what you want. although tighty whiteys i would buy them in colors wouldnt be so obvious and you would blend in easyer in the locker room and be more styleish curtdude
  • I am right with you buddy. Briefs are making a comeback. And I enjoy them very much. Wear them to your hearts content. No matter how many wedgies your older brother will give you...(shudders at personal stories)
  • Im a boxer-brief guy when i'm working. But if I'm just going out, gotta go comando.
  • yes it is actually i wear tighty whities or briefs or whatever we call them because they are more comfortable than boxers
  • I wear tighty whities and boxers
  • The whole men's underwear question should be addressed in what's best for you. Medical Experts will tell you that boxers are the worse for a male to wear all the time. There is no support and once the male has reached manhood, it goes without saying the importance of support. Sport injury, normal injury is related to no support. While growing up most of men now in their 30's and up wore the traditional jockstrap for sporting events and games. The reason, support. Well now that fashion has entered the picture, men should be comfortable wearing what provides them the most support. Boxer's just don't. Briefs, boxerbriefs are the number one recommendation by the health care provider. Reason, support. Briefs are traditional been referred to as the " little boys" underwear, today men's briefs are available in all types and styles. No matter who makes them, briefs and boxerbriefs serve the main purpose, support. So if you are a brand name kinda of guy pay the price. If not the Walmart Hanes, Fruit of the loom all rank in style, comfort and support.
    • Linda Joy
      That's not true. Testicles are designed to hang outside the body so they are a lower temperature than inside the body. Keeping them closer to the body will raise the temperature and may cause a lower viable sperm count. In fact soaking in a hot tub can render you temporarily impotent, but don't count on it for birth control. Them little suckers will surprise you sometimes! If you want to know the truth just google it. The scrotum, like all other skin looses some of its tightness over time and so older ones may sag a little more. It has nothing to do with support. And I think jock straps and cups are more for protection from injury than support.
  • Yes its normal lots of guys wear tightey whities, I never would of tried beoxers if it hadent been for middle school gym class
  • I wear all three kind of underwear boxers boxerbriefs and briefs but I still prefer briefs as everybody said before it gives you more support
  • Its fine, underwear is all preference. I agree with you also I am much more comfortable now that I wear briefs again. I wore boxers for 10 years and decided to try briefs again and im so much more comfortable now, I dont know why or how I wore boxers that long.
  • That is compelety normal, I went through the same thing, and I'm loving my tighty whitys... and my leopard skin thong, but that's a different story.
  • I've been wearing briefs (tighty whities) since I was 5, I'm 23 now. They are really comfy.
  • Hipster style briefs for me during the day... but variety depending on the mood ;) No baggy boxers... they're just too much material and no support.
  • yeah ~ everything's normal these days.
  • It is what ever your use to and what works. Fashion has its trends and some guys just want to fit in. Some guys like briefs, some thongs, some boxers and even some like diapers, it is what ever fits and works. Each style has use and purpose.
  • Whatever feels right, I wear boxers most of the time but have some regular tighty whities too. I usually wear them when I run or work out but I'm perfectly comfortable wearing them for a day if I'm out of clean boxers. Once in a blue moon I just wear them because I feel like it too.
  • The name Anonymous is not exactly gender specific so I guess that would depend on your gender, but then again nowadays there's no telling what anyone will wear! And we're all supposed to be tolerant of weirdos now so I guess if you want to wear them on the outside of your tights we shouldn't be judgmental. After all superheroes do it on a regular basis and who are we to judge, right? I don't think I'd be surprised to see a new fad of wearing them on your head!
  • just wear whatever you want

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